Tuesday, September 01, 2015


The Herald review of Awkward Conversations...

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Jo Caulfield is everything the Comedy Fringe is about. Friendly, naughty and deliciously self-deprecating. 

The front row were virtually pleading to be picked on and she didn't disappoint. The bald man with the shiny dome, the group of ladies with the good hair and Monica from Mexico all got some stick. Her best put downs however, were reserved for a family of slightly bemused Americans. 

This woman doesn't just engage with her audience, she goes for a full-blown civil partnership. The section on her best friend's dating options fell a little short of the mark but, sensing this, she soon abandoned it and moved on. Jo's potty mouth wouldn't win many plaudits on her regular Radio 4 slots, but this mainly couples crowd loved it. They loved it too when she discussed the trials and tribulations of her own marriage. Everything from almost splitting up to the perils of role play. All told with brilliant deadpan delivery and exquisite timing. 

An Edinburgh resident , her take on the attempted gentrification of Leith is spot on. Coffee from the Guatemalan jungle or some craft beer with a stupid name, anyone? She might be one of the UK 's top TV comedy writers, but on this superb showing, stand-up is undoubtedly her artisanal bread and butter.
(Herald Scotland) August 2015

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