Tuesday, September 01, 2015


One4Review review of Awkward Conversations...

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I have always found Ms Caulfield to be a classy comedian who always has an excellently written and funny show, delivered in a style that only she can. And this year’s offering fits the bill exactly.

Oozing presence she sweeps to the stage gathering up one and all with her and taking them along with her throughout the whole hour. Her style of delivery is as if chatting, or maybe even gossiping, with friends over a glass of wine, even asking for audience advice on a couple of matters along the way.

Some of the topics that are visited are the division friends following a divorce, dating, touring and being away as a busy comic, her mother, waxing and as usual a great source of the inspiration of material, her husband and their relationship.
The whole experience passes by so quickly I couldn’t believe that she had been talking for an hour, it was certainly one of the quickest this Fringe, but there is always next year’s too look forward to.

As the sold-out signs are in evidence regularly get yours soon or risk having the awkward conversation that you can’t go.
(One4Review) August 2015

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