Tuesday, September 01, 2015


Fife Today review of Awkward Conversations...

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There’s nothing awkward about any of the conversations with Jo Caulfield - simply top notch comedy and gags galore in a perfectly honed hour of comedy.

The Stand is also the very best place to see live stand-up, and it was packed to the point of standing room only for this gig - a nightly occurrence for Caulfield in what is pretty much her second home.

Get in early to grab a seat, and if you opt for the front row be prepared to be part of one of her conversations at any point during the hour.

The title of Caulfield’s 2015 show is based on assorted chats with friends, family and her husband - the source of some great material - all pieced together with effortless ease.

She really makes this comedy malarkey look easy even if it is one of the hardest things to do to stand on stage with nothing more than a mic and your own wits to entertain a full house without so much as a pause let alone allowing the pace or energy to drop at all.

The gags are delivery with great timing, and the hour flies past by.

You simply won’t see a better stand-up show at this year’s Fringe.
(Fife Today) August 2015

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