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Broadway Baby review of Awkward Conversations...

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Jo Caulfield is sardonic, cutting and fantastically witty. Her Awkward Conversations are, as advertised, very awkward. But then, that’s what makes them so brilliantly funny.

Caulfield begins her show by getting to know her audience, creating a rapport which is beautifully maintained throughout her performance. She launches into her material with descriptions of life living in Edinburgh, or more specifically, Leith. These descriptions paint the backdrop for the awkward conversations she is to go on to describe. Her take on life in Leith is wonderfully hilarious, especially if you are local to the area and have made visits to the locations she discusses.

Caulfield has had a lot of awkward conversations this past year alone, she recalls each of them in turn, knitting them together so wonderfully that the material flows seamlessly throughout the show. Each of her conversations is deliciously dissected, and they are, for the most part, so relatable that you cannot help but cringe and laugh. Caulfield’s manner is relaxed and confident, but she is willing to show moments of vulnerability during some of her tales, which greatly enhances her performance.

Her stories about her friends recent divorce, and her own marriage are vividly described, accentuating the humour perfectly. One particular tale of her marital life is described in such detail that you could imagine yourself in the room as the excruciatingly cringeworthy exchange took place. The phone conversations she describes as having had with her mother are an especial delight, that many could relate to. Caulfield is a very intelligent comedian, her punchlines are often unexpected, catching you entirely off guard as she takes her jokes in directions you couldn’t have possibly have foreseen. She is a fantastic wordsmith.

Those who are easily offend may not enjoy Caulfield’s brand of comedy, as some of her jokes are quite provocative. For everyone else however, Jo is well worth seeing this Fringe.
(Broadway Baby) August 2015

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