Sunday, February 01, 2015

Shooting Tour Video (Part 2)

More photos from the video shoot we did this week for "Jo Caulfield's Uninformed Opinions" tour...

 Me and Robert Williamson making CATS video...

 Love the picture of the UNHAPPY CAT.

 Lot of people pretending to look busy.

 Robert Williamson and his 'special' furry friend.

 Craig Moncur with his 'special' furry friend.

Three men. Two cameras. One joke.

Shooting Tour Video (Part 1)

I'm starting a new tour this month ("Jo Caulfield's Uninformed Opinions") so we shot a couple of silly / funny video adverts to go with it. They'll be online in a couple of days. I'll post links when they're up.  Here's some photos from the day...

 Craig Moncur (from Black Box Digital Media)

 Director Martin Dick (from Alternative Productions) 

 Only ONE of these people can operate a camera.

 Me... Not having a clue what my lines are.

Filming at Discover 21 - great little venue in Edinburgh. 
If you get a chance you should go to one of their shows.

It was a good day. If you're filming anything I'd recommend Craig and Martin. Easy to work with. Fast. Create a good atmosphere. Made the whole thing fun.