Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Speakeasy - October

A lot of people ask me what happens at The Speakeasy, so here goes...

The Speakeasy is our monthly spoken-word show at The Scottish Storytelling Centre

The October show went like this....

Walk down The Royal Mile till you come to John Knox House...

 ...the entrance to the Box Office looks like this. 

Grab a drink at the bar and head downstairs to the auditorium.

I came out at the top of the show and told the audience what stupid/embarrassing things had happened to me recently, surprised the audience by showing a short film of Edinburgh (by local film-maker Steven Grubb), then I brought on our 1st performer... Julie McDowell. Julie was as brilliant (and glamorous) as always! I definitely recommend Julie's book Casting The Net - all about the horrors of online dating. 

Next up... Glaswegian comedian Stuart Mitchell. If you get a chance to see Stuart, you should go...the audience loved him. We're going to try and get him back a.s.a.p.

Closing the 1st half... beat boxer Iqbal Mohamed. Yes, we like to mix things up at The Speakeasy. A couple of songs/stories from Iqbal...

...and we were ready for my favourite section - the Drinks Interval.

Kicking off the 2nd half... "RHYTHM" - Gymnast Leanne Keane talked about her career.

"RHYTHM" was performed by comedy actress Sarah Barron, and written by Sarah Barron and Ann-Marie Comber.

Next up... actor/playwright Michael Daviot performed an extract from his critically acclaimed show "HYDE & SEEK"...

...playing both himself and Robert Lewis Stevenson. Michael is performing the full show at Adam House, 18th-22nd November as part of The History Festival.

Closing the show was The Martians. Absolutely brilliant! If you want to see a musical comedy about sectarianism (and who doesn't?)...

...then "The Onion of Bigotry" is the show for you. I've seen The Martians several times now and they're always fantastic.

End of the show - one last story from me ... and we're all done. Comedy, beat-boxing, storytelling, gymnastics, dramatic readings! Two hours for only £6.00!!

The two next shows are:

Tuesday 18th November
(featuring: Broadcaster James Naughtie, author Eleanor Updale, poet Sam Small, cabaret duo The Creative Martyrs, writer/performer Bram E Gieben plus others)

Tuesday 9th December
(Our Early-Christmas Show - I think The Colour Ham are on? I'm can't remember, but it'll be great anyway)

All lineups are subject to change

Tickets are on sale now
Box Office: 0131-556-9579

Then we all went to a local bar where Michael Daviot proved to be even more entertainingly crazy offstage as he is onstage, The Martians lurked in a leather-clad group and I had to pay for my own drinks - no matter how much I waved my empty glass while chatting to audience members. Bastards.

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