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 Microphone Stand

 How To Stand Near A Microphone Stand

 How To Put One Hand On A Microphone Stand

 Did I Switch Off The Iron?

 Country & Western Dancing

 What? The Cowboy Shirt? 

 I've Been Wearing Them For Years.

 What?? Every Other Comedian Has Copied Me??

 That Doesn't Surprise Me. Not In The Slightest.

 Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

But You Are Blanche, You Are In That Chair!

No. Not This One.

 No. This One Doesn't Work Either.

 Ah...Er...I'm Going To Say No.

Maybe We Should Try Again Next Week?

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Product Placement??

And you should have seen what they used my leaflets for!!

Being A Whore...

...and selling CD's after a show.

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One4Review review of Cancel My Subscription...

Having had a year off in 2013 Jo Caulfield makes a welcome return to what is a home gig for her now being an Edinburgh resident and the Fringe is the better for her presence.

Of course with the referendum being very much in everybody’s mind Ms Caulfield opens up with a segment on this issue poking fun at both sides and as for the campaigners…

She is in my opinion always an extremely well written and prepared comedian who has bags of top class material and this year’s offering is well up to her normal high standards. Be it drinks with her friends, her husband’s DIY skills, a pre-gig meal at Pizza Express or hotel breaks both in London and Amsterdam, these are all subjects that this creative lady can write extremely funny material about, stories where she is generally the butt of.

As a self-confessed non- joiner in there is not a lot of audience interaction but the occasional forays are non-threatening. She has stage presence in abundance and the packed out crowd at the show I attended hung on every word of the performance.

Do I have a favourite story? Well the silent train story one just shaded it for me so to find out more go see for yourselves. ( August 2014




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Broadway Baby review of Cancel My Subscription...

Jo Caulfield is surely one of the most intelligent comedians on the circuit. Not only are her jokes well sculpted, but she manages to keep surprising the audience with further punchlines. With Cancel My Subscription, she has created a smooth and entertaining prospect for audiences.

As Caulfield takes to the stage, she has a supremely confident air about her that comes naturally with her experience, or perhaps it was down to the fact that she found herself in her current stomping-ground of Edinburgh. There is no need for huge energy with her style of comedy, but that is because the material is so strong and the delivery so sound. The best part of Caulfield's comedy is her art of adding further layers to a seemingly simple joke; that is to say that we think we've heard the punchline until Jo slaps an even better one down on the table. And another. And sometimes even another.

The narratives were clearly the strongest part of her comedy and the show was (rightly so) based around this. They teetered on the ridge between the realistic and the absurd, resulting in a few painfully funny outcomes. The depiction of a certain hotel-based incident was a clear audience favourite. The topics took a variety of forms, including the flavour-of-the-month amongst standups this Fringe: the Scottish referendum. However, at times, Caulfield found herself relying on overused topics such as marriage and the male stereotype. Though these were still entertaining.

Caulfield did give some variety to the show, peppering us with some pre-prepared audience gags as opposed to any improvisational genius. She made up for this with the innovative decision to show us her notebook, or the holy grail of her comedy. Trialling some jokes displayed a wonderful strength in depth, some of the big laughs coming from jokes that did not even make the original show. Cancel My Subscription is certainly a safe bet for a great time. (Broadway Baby) August 2014


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Chortle review of Cancel My Subscription...

Year after year, show after show Jo Caulfield pulls in a crowd and entertains them in her world. Cancel My Subscription is a solid show and one which gives the fans exactly what they want; audience banter, insightful observations and brief glimpses into her life. To use a reviewing cliche, it's like having a glass of wine and a chat... or maybe more like the full bottle and a bitch about that 'mare next door.

The material is exactly what you'd expect. There's a brief spot on her husband, who sees to have knack to be gifting her with great material. Married to a Scot and having lived in Edinburgh for three years, it's no surprise Caulfield touches on the referendum before moving on to the Scottish sense of humour. She's not here to talk politics, though, so the whole mood is kept light and upbeat, as is her demeanour.

There's no unifying thread running through the show, but this doesn't matter as most of the crowd are happy just to sit back and enjoy the laughs as they come. The highlight is a longer section about a recent trip to Amsterdam where Caulfield recalls the loss of her writer's notebook, the wealth of random ideas scribbled therein only reinforcing her stature as a prolific and proficient writer.

Indeed, the audience love every second while Caulfield and her acerbic wit look just as relaxed on stage in The Stand as she ever did. It's a confident and settled performance but you wouldn't expect anything else from Caulfield. (
August 2014 




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