Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Are You Wearing?

Got to love Twitter ... I said : "Hold on! You're wearing THAT to read my Tweets? I don't think so! Go and get changed" 

... Love the replies:

@Jo_Caulfield and what madam, is so wrong with a bobble hat and nightdress ensemble with wellington boots? You Pervert!

@Jo_Caulfield What about this. You dont think the lime green clashes with the shocking pink do you ?

@Jo_Caulfield But these are my cleanest socks!

@Jo_Caulfield but, but, but, I'm not wearing ANYTHING!

@Jo_Caulfield it's either this or nothing. Your choice.

@Jo_Caulfield Sorry, it's the chafing. Must have less restrictions

@Jo_Caulfield . . um . . . do my tweets look fat in this . . . . . :))

@Jo_Caulfield Do you know how long it took to put on this butt-less rubber fuck-suit and deep-sea diving helmet? I'm certainly not changing.

@Jo_Caulfield I'm not going to fetch my clothes and get dressed now!

@Jo_Caulfield but Im naked?

@Jo_Caulfield its my Sunday best .............holey!!

Your not the boss of me... Besides I always wear my Harold Shipman costume on Thursdays.

@Jo_Caulfield I read that as I was contemplating getting changed and you made me feel guilty for not being quicker about it

@Jo_Caulfield but I am not wearing anything. Oh. Right.

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