Saturday, September 08, 2012

Thinking Bad Thoughts 5 STAR REVIEW

An interesting comparison for stand-up comedians is who they choose to make fun of. Being too harsh about a group can turn an audience against you, especially if members of that group are in the audience. One of Jo Caulfield’s favourite comedic targets is her husband; a fairly safe target. Few of the audience are likely to know him and since they’re married we suspect that deep down there’s no real animosity. When she expands the target to include his friends, we all laugh along; maybe her husband and his friends really are that dim. However, by the end of the show, the target has expanded to all men – meaning she was making fun of around half the crowd, this reviewer included. From the uproarious laughter it’s obvious that no one has taken offence. By starting with a safe target and expanding slowly, we’ve been lured into a trap. Crafty Jo Caulfield is insulting us to our faces and we’re giggling like idiots! Fair play to her.
Caulfield’s show Thinking Bad Thoughts is a hilarious hour of observational stand-up comedy, where she investigates whether her thoughts are “bad thoughts” – primarily by gauging audience reaction. Having recently moved from London to Edinburgh (yes, she’s now a local), Caulfield is having to adjust to Scottish friendliness and gigs in small towns, and the joy of the show is hearing her cynical and bitter reactions to familiar situations. Thinking Bad Thoughts is terrific show and Caulfield is effortlessly engaging and hilarious throughout. Fresh Air are proud to have her living in our home town. (10/08/2012) by Myke Hall

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