Saturday, September 08, 2012

Thinking Bad Thoughts 4 STAR REVIEW

It's two years since English comic Jo Caulfield moved to Edinburgh – her husband’s from Aberdeen and they wanted to be somewhere they didn’t have to keep “explaining” him.
Now she’s able to shop at Waitrose in Morningside, where a too-friendly checkout lady and a short person have her thinking bad thoughts. She can walk past Greggs in Rose Street and marvel at the vocabulary of shop assistants. And she can entertain Fringe audiences without having to travel too far from home.
But I’d travel to see Caulfield. One of our smartest comics, her observations have the audience whooping with laughter. Her style is conversational, but there’s always a gag on the horizon. And she never fails to nail the laugh. Other subjects include what men talk about when women aren’t there, the trouble with a ‘no-fuss’ New York marriage, and the one good reason to watch porn. Even when the subjects are well-worn, the observations are hilarious.
And while Caulfield has a spiky image, see her live and her niceness is unmissable. Witty, warm and wise, let’s hope she doesn’t leave Scotland any time soon.

The Scotsman (20/08/2012) by Martin Gray 

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