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Interview I've just done for Scotsgay Magazine (July 2012)
Tell us about your brand new Edinburgh show ‘Thinking Bad Thoughts’
I just can’t control my big mouth. Apparently I don’t have the ‘polite conversation gene’ that most normal people have. I’ll notice something, say it out loud to my friends and they’ll react in horror.
So this show is me letting out all my bad thoughts…
Like, I read Abercrombie & Fitch have policy where they only employ slim, attractive young people, and it made me think, “I wonder if Greggs The Baker have the exact opposite policy?”
And, if health food is so fucking good for you, why does everyone working in those shops look like a cadaver?
I also found out I'm NOT legally married to my husband! We got hitched 10 years ago in New York but apparently we didn’t fill in all the correct paperwork. So that got me thinking…… “Hey, I’m single, what would it be like to be single again?? Would I choose to marry the same person??”
I also found out I’m NOT legally married to 
How many Fringe shows is that now?
This is my 9th show. But I prefer to count my career in dog years, so this is actually my first Fringe show and I’m only 21. For the 25 time.
I think when I get to 10 shows they should let me do a “Supermarket Sweep” round Harvey Nichols.
Do you prefer TV, radio or live stand up?
I like them all. I just filmed Mock The Week and I’ve a show on BBC Radio Scotland at the moment, “Laughing In All The Right Places”, it’s me interviewing comedians about traveling the world doing comedy.
But ultimately I prefer the freedom of live Stand-Up. I can say anything I like and no one can ‘edit’ me. And I like having audience involvement in my Edinburgh shows, so every show is different. And we’ve talked about everything! Last time I asked audience members where they lost their virginity. The show before that I asked how many sexual partners they’d had.
You are hugely popular with gay men and women.
Well gay people have very good taste!
I used to work behind the bar at Bang in London, which then changed its name to G.A.Y. (like Bang wasn’t obvious enough?),  and I spent 5 years writing on the BAFTA winning Graham Norton TV show, so I’m a full-time card-carrying fag hag.
Gay audiences bring out the worst in me, it’s like being egged on by your mates. I will be even meaner and more outrageous because I know you will love it!
I do think it’s very important that my show is inclusive; it’s not just heterosexuals who hate their partners.
You’ve done a fair bit of TV acting too.
Yes, this year along with “Thinking Bad Thoughts” I’m also doing a play with Phil Jupitus called Coalition. It’s a comedy about the coalition government. I play the Lib Dem Chief Whip. I’m completely cynical and have some killer lines, basically I just come on, act like a complete bitch and leave ……it’s such a stretch!
Is it true that you started in comedy by setting up your own club in a bar basement?
I actually started by entering an open-mic competition on a dare when I was drunk. I was so drunk I can’t remember being on stage let alone anything I said. But I won the competition! I went back to that club the following week and performed sober. I died on my arse! That’s when the MC told me the best way to get good is to perform every week. So I borrowed £50, bought a microphone and small amp, and set up my own club in a basement bar opposite Hampstead Heath.
It was a great room, brick walls, low ceiling and a little cocktail bar in the corner, perfect for comedy; or a brothel, but I went with the comedy. By running a club I got to learn about the business and was able to watch really good comedians. Also, because it was my club, I could book myself every week!
Of all the comics appearing on the fringe this year, who makes you laugh the most?
Jo Caulfield.
What do you love/hate about Edinburgh?
I love the fact that you can stand on Princess Street, in the middle of the city, and still see mountains and the sea. The countryside is right there but so is Zara and Top Shop. That’s the ideal way to see the countryside.
It’s such a beautiful city. Walking home after a night-out is like being drunk in Fairy Town. And the people are so friendly. Especially in Scotmid. Oh sorry, I’ve just confused friendliness with nosiness.
I don’t think there’s anything I hate about Edinburgh, apart from tourists standing in the middle of the pavement OBLIVIOUS TO PEOPLE THAT WANT TO GET PASSED THEM!
Jo Caulfield – Thinking Bad Thoughts
Stand One
Venue 5, 28 York Place
1st – 26th August (not 2nd or 13th), 20:15 (I hour)
Tickets £9/£10
Phone booking: 0131 558 7272
Online booking:

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