Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Hello Scottish People - or as you would say “Hoots mon, are you wintin’ a wee jam piece?"
I have NO idea what that means, but I’ve heard my Aberdonian Mother-In-Law say it several times. 
Right, here goes...
The Edinburgh Festival kicks off next month, so why not put on your cleanest trackie, jump the ticket barrier and come to Auld Reekie for some culture?

If you DO visit Edinburgh during the Festival, don't forget my ALL NEW show:
8.15pm at The Stand Comedy Club

I'll be asking: Why are drunken girlfriends so much fun? Who watches hotel pornography? What constitutes an airtight alibi? Is friendliness overrated?

The answers are yours for the price of admission. And your dignity.

Box Office: 0131 558 7272

If you buy a ticket before Sunday 15th July & email me a photo of the ticket, I'll meet you in the bar opposite The Stand after the show and GET YOU A BEER. Then you can talk to me in that funny accent of yours and I’ll nod my head and smile and pretend I understand what your saying. Is that a deal?

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