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I’m picking reasonably priced places, because during the Festival there's no time to cook and you’ll be eating out a lot. Anyway, save your money for buying tickets to see "Jo Caulfield - Thinking Bad Thoughts"...
MUMS. 20 Forrest Road, Edinburgh EN1 2QN
If my Mum had cooked like this I would never have left home. It’s comfort food but cooked from scratch with quality ingredients. Bangers and Mash, macaroni cheese, shepherds pie, veggie Haggis, neeps and tatties. With that stomach lining you’re ready for a serious night of festival drinking. And they play fantastic music. If you want to eat a Chicken and Rosemary Pie while listening to Iggy Pop, this is the place. 
CAFE ANDALUZ. 77 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 3 EE
I love Cafe Andaluz, delicious food and a good wine list. I like the informality of Tapas, by that I mean you can eat other people’s food and it’s totally acceptable. I always wish I’d ordered what other people are eating and with Tapas you can ditch your ‘mistakes’ and help your self to everyone else’s plates. I’ve been here several times with other comedians and we always go crazy with the menu. The last time the waitress told us we were ordering far too many dishes. How fantastic is that? She didn’t want us to waste our money. Mind you, she also said we’d ordered far too much wine - we soon proved her wrong. 

DELICIOUS ITALIAN. 27a Marchmont Road, Edinburgh EH9 1HY
A small Italian in Marchmont. Less of a restaurant, more of a takeaway. Their Putenesca is really tasty and comes with free garlic bread. I also like the fact that the owner always calls my husband “Boss” – how ironic! As if my husband is allowed to be in charge of anything! And Marchmont wines is right next door! How convenient is that? Why not pick up a pizza and a bottle of wine and spend a couple of hours on the Meadows. 
ILLEGAL JACKS. 113 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9AN

Fast Mexican food. Burrito’s, Fajitas and bowls of Chilli. Reasonable prices and Brewdog beer. When I’m getting my hair done I use Illegal Jacks as a creche for my husband. If they had Sky Sports I don’t think he’d ever come home. Suits me!
THE WITCHERY. Castlehill, The Royal Mill, Edinburgh EH1 2NF

Beautiful, romantic, classy - but enough about me. If you want to treat yourself but not actually spend a fortune, go for the set lunch or early dinner at The Witchery. The food is wonderful but you’re mainly going for the look of the place. It’s gothic chic done by gay men; huge candlesticks, winding stone stairs, swathes of rich velvet and thrones as chairs.   
The staff are very welcoming and will let you have a good look round (although they wouldn’t let me snoop round the managers office).


BOX OFFICE: 0131 558 7272

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy a ticket now, send me proof and I'll take you to the bar opposite The Stand, after the show, and get you a beer!

Published in The Fest Preview Guide 2012

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