Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Name My CD...

Next month I'm recording a comedy CD - I asked my Followers* on Twitter to suggest a title ... here goes the first batch...

"Easily Bullied" - @Oddverse2

“JCCD” or “Seedy” - @jeanna_andrew

“The Lady's not for Gurning” - @johnfromsoho

How about... “I asked Twitter to help and all they came up with was this lousy CD title” - @JonesTheEdit

“Caul'd Play” - @fritzromanov

“Another one bites the muff?!” - @sparklehash

“Jo Caulfield - I can make you thin”. Guaranteed best seller - @joannachurch

“Caulfield’s Craic” - @everyday_Dawn

“Because she didn't win the lottery!!” - @Comedyrockpop

“Cauli-flower's Cheese” - @fritzromanov

"Wales Cauling" - @LucasBlack

“Bat Out Of Hell - The Outages” - @therattyface

“Caulfields to Elysian Fields” - @elltell

"Other side down" - @LucasBlack

“Comedy - The Way It Used To Be” - @therattyface

“Lee Evans live” - @steveok

“Holding Caulfield” - @johnfromsoho

...go retro.. Make 'em quake in their armchairs when they spin "Only Jo-king" in their gramophones - @RichardHesketh1

“Talking Bollocks with Jo Caulfield” - @therattyface

“Tales from the Caul Face” - @fritzromanov

I reckon something with 'boobs' in the title - everyone loves boobs - @AlgyCorbett

“Caulfieldly Numb” - @kiphakes

“Not a coaster” - @sketchseven

“One from the bargain bucket” - @steveok

How about “Jo Caulfield's comedy cd” - @RichardWiseman

“Mad, Bad and Dangerous” - @ackneylad

“Confessions Of A Cucumber Addict” - @ph245

“Didn't Win The Lottery, So I've Had To Entertain You Bastards” How's that for straight to the point? - @aerospacemango

“Mo'Jo” - @Splottdad

“Now That's What I Call Caulfield Vol 1” - @jasonmarkcook

“NOT FUNNY” (That way the listeners won't expect the jokes - and people expecting jokes are the toughest to make laugh) @LucasBlack

There you have it "Title required. Best suggestion wins prize" Buy it now at all good stockists... - @barthebarn

“Tickle my Slap” - @ackneylad

I'll do more tomorrow (there's 100's of them!) - If you like any of them, do let me know. Someones winning an ipod with my CD on it (which they can quickly delete and replace with new Urban Vooodoo Machine CD - which is brilliant!!)

BTW (*) I hate the term 'Followers' - I'm not that deluded.