Monday, May 30, 2011

The Beauty of Twitter...

I say...

Can any computer geeks help me? My MacBook keeps telling me to "stop drinking and go to bed". WTF? How do I install more vodka?

You say...

You want to get a PC, they're far less judgemental, and altogether more chilled :) @vduk

Get bottle of vodka, reboot glass by pouring vodka in, it should clear all messages, if not rinse and repeat. @StationSkin

Pour it into the USB and download #simples @Sam_Currie

Switch to a PC. They can't tell you've been drinking! @KoolF1Kat

I'm not sure, but I know it's not the 'Control' key. @cathieharvey

There's an app for that. @chattynige

Not sure about your techno probs, but for the vodka dilemma, ask Jeremy Kyle for a retweet. @laserblue

Ah you still have "iMother" installed. Uninstall by pretending to bake a cake & date a Doctor, it'll soon get distracted. @eat_wit

Have you tried unplugging it and then throwing it out of the window? @Hoopstilidie

BF's Mac calls him Dopey...i'd say they were very listen! @jelcic

Hit the 'eject straw' button, cut and paste 'want to wake up with face full of embedded letters' and the jobs a gud un. @jojohedgehog

Tut, another person complaining about their Mac; they're clearly shit. PCs come with whiskey installed. @Porkeye

Go to the App Bar and download from the Smirnoff button on the top left!! @SteGibb

Problem Solved

Thanks Everyone

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