Sunday, March 27, 2011

Twitter Music (Part 1)...

I got a new iPod so I asked 50 of my Twitter Followers (Aarrgh! I hate the term 'Followers' - believe me I'm not that deluded) to recommend some of their favourite songs...

...some I know, some where already on my iPod and some I'm hearing for the 1st time.

And we're off...

1) #9 Dream - John Lennon (from Steve). Yeah, this works for me. Never been a Beatles fan but don't mind some of Lennon's solo stuff. I read this Beatles book a couple of years ago. Apparently after reading it Paul McCartney threw his copy in the fire. He said it was full of scandal, gossip and vicious lies. I enjoyed it.

2) One Day Like This - Elbow (from Sharon) Sharon also suggested Bad Brains... so I'm going with Bad Brains 'I Against I'.

3) Proud Mary - Tina Turner (from Mark) Classic song, great voice. The kind of music taxi drivers listen to as they take you the longest possible route home.

4) Burning Bridges - Mike Curb Congregation (from Ross) 2 minutes and 47 seconds of sheer hell.

5) Fields Of Fire - Big Country (Stu) I'm guessing Stu is Scottish, the guitars sound like bagpipes. Reminds me of my youth - when I played bass with the Skids.

6) You Are Not Alone - Mavis Staples (Tom) Almost worth breaking up with someone to enjoy listening to this and drinking a lot. Let's make a pack to all do that.

7) In Your Eyes - Gina Zavalis (Tony) Yeah, I really love that Bad Brains track.

8) Troubles - The Shee (Ruth) First time I've heard that - like it. £0.79 well spent. Thanks.

9) Made of Stone - Stone Roses (Dean) 100%!! If you hadn't suggested it I'd have picked it myself.

10) Bug Powder Dust - Bomb The Bass (Wendy) Sounds great on headphones. Brilliant choice. Wendy Wason dubs it up. She's a very good comedian by the way. Very funny. Funny in a 'slutty' type of way.

11) Sunburst - Eddie Henderson (Les) This music says to me "What time is the magician coming on?"

12) Ladykillers - Lush (ShineUrShoesGov) Like it. Is it just me or is chorus the same as chorus from Angry Mob by Kaiser Chiefs? Girls with guitars are a good thing.

13) Reach - S-Club-7 (suggested by both Gary, 34yr old accountant, Brighton + AnnaB, 13yr old, likes horses and dancing) Deep inside don't we all like horses and dancing? Aren't we all 34yr old accountants from Brighton? Don't we all want to reach for the stars?

14) Kings & Queens - 30 Seconds To Mars (Chaz) I'll have to listen to this again because I'm still in a S-Club-7 place i.e. Loving life but hating music.

15) "All My Friends Are Dead" - Turbonegro (Mike) Come on, who doesn't love a bit of Norwegian punk rock? Well, me for a start. TBH this sounds like a cheap ripoff of 'People Who Died' by Jim Carroll - which is a GREAT track. Go listen and tell me I'm wrong.

16) "Burn The Black Suit" - Juliet Turner (Mrs CEO) Music to play at a 'Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' themed party. Would I be there? It depends - is there a free bar? You'd like (8) 'Troubles' by The Shee.

17) "One Day Like This" - Elbow (Gary) OK - more people recommended Elbow than any other band. Too be honest I've always found them mind numbingly bland BUT... so many people rave about them I'm going to download the whole 'Seldom Seen Kid' album and give them another try. Maybe I missed something... ?

18) "How We Used To Live" - St Etienne (Pete) Yes! I'm a BIG St Etienne fan. When I toured with Graham Norton we used 'He's On The Phone' as my intro music. We were dancing behind the stage curtain most nights. 'Kiss & Make Up', 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' - great songs.

19) "Pump It Up" - Elvis Costello (Lucy) Brilliant song. Hard to believe this came out in 1978 - 4 years before I was born. What? F*ck you!

20) "A New England" - Kirsty MacColl (Joanna) Love it. 'New England', 'They Don't Know' 'Days', 'Fairytale of New York' - all great songs. I've completely changed my mind about downloading Elbow BTW.

21) St. Anthony - Sensational Alex Harvey band (Cecilia) Right, where do I start? Framed? Vambo? Boston Tea Party? Swampsnake? The Faith Healer? I'm married to a Scotsman - I know Alex Harvey inside out. I'm also adding Midnight Moses and Tomahawk Kid.

22) You Get What You Give - New Radicals (Des) Happy, happy, happy. Going to listen to that again. Seriously, St Etienne, Pump It Up, Kirsty MacColl, Alex Harvey and this. I'm going to play them all again.

23) The Vaccines - Post Break-Up Sex (Derek) Great lyrics. Very Pulp, no?

24) Diamonds To Coal - Jim White (Napier) Interesting, I like that, never heard him before, also added 'Crash Into The Sun'

25) Another F.U. Song - Reel Big Fish (Bradley) If I was a 12yr old Boy I'd love this song. Fortunately I'm not and I don't. Delete.

Thank you for NOT recommending anything by REM, Coldplay or Queen.


Part 2 tomorrow


Jeanne said...

You have Elbow "One Day Like This" twice at #2 and #17.
Substutute ut wuth some Chris Kane xxx

Deanjamakin said...

I know it wasn't one of the list, but ... St. Etienne - He's on the Phone. I loved that when it came out. Strange to think how you completely forget some songs, even though you loved them at the time.

TommyDGNR8 said...

It's a long, long time until tomorrow on Planet Caulfield, it seems.

That's got the makings of a 70s love song...

BTW, your diary's had "Yorkshire" at the start of June for months; we're almost there - are you coming or not (we have biscuits)?