Friday, November 05, 2010

"Cruel To Be Kind" in Cornwall - 5 Sar Review.....

Did a show in Cornwall last night - and it was fantastic! Great audience, great venue...

"Comedy Queen Caulfield Captures Cornwall"
by Sheila Vanloo for remotegoat on 05/11/10

Being dubbed the funniest woman in Britain should be hard to live up to, but Jo Caulfield carried it off in style as The Cornwall hosted it's second events evening.
Jo immediately took advantage of the intimacy of the Acorns salon to build a fast rapport with the audience, sussing out those who liked to drink, highlighting the lady with the best breasts and even discovering how many women in the room had been flashed. Using her warmth and fast wit and by sharing her own domestic secrets, Jo elicited intimate personal details from the audience that quickly became comedy fodder.

Jo's observational comedy comes thick and fast in a constant stream of acerbic stories about life, the universe and everything - stories we can all relate to as she wrestles with the self-scanner in Tesco. Jo discusses irritating friends, negotiating with terrorists, celebrity perfumes, bespoke kitchens and a visit to HMV that culminates in having dinner with people she doesn't know. This amazingly funny lady sucks up the minutiae of everyday life spitting it back out with a bitchiness that her comedy idol, Joan Rivers, would be proud of. With a wicked smile and a sparkle in her eye, Jo's harsh comedy rantings lose their cruelty as she exposes her own foibles and failings alongside ours.

Laugh out loud funny from start to finish, Jo Caulfield scored a hit at The Cornwall; we can only hope that she returns with more wit and wisdom in the near future.

The next event at The Cornwall Hotel & Spa is on Thursday 2nd December when Scary Little Girls bring us Gothic Christmas Stories. At only £15 per ticket, early booking is essential. Further details can be found at

... and a great review! Why not read it again here