Sunday, August 15, 2010

Like A Virgin... (Part 9)

I asked my audience, "Where did you lose your virginity?"

some of their replies:

A lovely couple ... The man - Leeds. The woman - in Luxembourg "doing an internship with a European commission to a long term boyfriend. He came all that way to visit so it felt wrong to turn him away empty handed."

Woman - can’t remember - so many cocks so little time.

Woman - I vaguely remember in was in a bed.

Man in shorts - "it was outside sex, on Ainsdale Beach, Southport, near Liverpool" - and he looked very happy at the memory.

Girl - "it was in Hull, in my brothers bed" - we stopped her there!

Woman - "in RAF accommodation in Germany and we were both in uniform" - support the troops!

Man - in a scanky flat in Middleton, Manchester.

They lost their virginity to (a) each other, or (b) the same man?

Complete the sentence: After tonight's show we are going to.... ?

(A) I watched him, or (B) He watched me?

I have a bottle of Cruel To Be Kind beer because (a) I am an alcoholic, or (b) I won tonight's best story and this is my prize?

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