Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Like A Virgin... (Part 6)

In my new Edinburgh Festival show ("Cruel To Be Kind" @ The Stand Comedy Club) I've been asking my audience "Where did you lose your virginity?"
Here's some more places and faces...

  • One man remembered “it was in Leeds and she was ginger".
  • Another man remembered it happened somewhere in Wales.
  • A young woman 'gave it up' in Matlock, Derbyshire (where I went to school!)
  • For one woman it was on Honeymoon in Shropshire...
  • While another was so drunk she can't be sure, possibly Liverpool (?)
  • Man - lost his virginity to a teacher in a B&B in Douglas, Isle of Man (he was very proud about the whole thing).

But my two favourites were:

The man who met a young lady in a student union bar in Norwich, took her back to his halls of residence room, did the deed - and he gave us her FULL NAME.

And the older gentleman: "It was a constitutional holiday camp in Hartford-on-Sea, Suffolk, but I can’t remember the chalet number. It was a great holiday".

Am I thinking about a night in Leeds?

Are we up for 'swinging' fun?

Have I ever been to Matlock?

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