Saturday, August 28, 2010

Like A Virgin... (Part 16)

Where did tonight's audience lose their virginity?

Man - Glasgow

Woman - London

Man from Blairgowrie - Cults, Aberdeen

Lady in white jacket - "I really, really can’t remember, it was so long ago. Maybe Devon?"

Dad (in front of cringing daughters) - "It was in Cheltenham... Cheltenham Ladies college" (Posh sex!)

Lady - "Southport... it wasn’t romantic... but I did see him again - long enough for decency"

Man - "in Oxford - in a bed. It was quite boring really".

Woman - with an Englishman she met in Greece on holiday.

Lady with large chest - Blackburn, West Lothian - " was very romantic" (she told us in front of her horrified husband)

Her husband - on a park bench in a small town in Fife.

Gentleman - Italy. That sounded romantic until his partner said...

Woman - " as by the sea, near Edinburgh, in a car - a Lotus Elan!"

In Greece on holiday...

...or on a park bench in Fife?

In a car or in a bed?

Cheltenham Ladies College?

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