Friday, August 27, 2010

Like A Virgin... (Part 15)

In my Edinburgh Festival show ("Cruel To Be Kind" @ The Stand Comedy Club) I've been asking my audience "Where did you lose your virginity?"

Some of last night's glamorous locations included:

Gay Man: In the woods in Pennicook (with a woman) in a house (with a man)

Woman from N Yorkshire - in a caravan near Lincoln

Woman - in a shed, in Edinburgh

Dad (in front of family): "I was on a beach in North Berwick. It's a very lovely beach".

Trevor - "In Bedford, it was pretty grim".

Man - Luton

Woman - in a flat in Edinburgh

Cambridge man - "On Brighton beach under a full moon".

Stockbridge man - in Pearly near Surrey

Woman - Aberdeen

Look at the pictures and guess who did it where:

In the woods with a woman or in a house with a man?

Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Luton?

In a Caravan or in a Shed?

Moonlit Brighton or grim Bedford?

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theonewiththecreepycrayonnote said...

Jo, it's the crayon girl again - hello!

I love being on this page despite not having provided an anecdote...

really, it makes me smile, because...


it was in a car on the night I was your stalker in Ilminster..!