Thursday, August 26, 2010

Like A Virgin... (Part 14)

In my new Edinburgh Festival show ("Cruel To Be Kind" @ The Stand Comedy Club) I've been asking my audience "Where did you lose your virginity?"

Some of last night's glamorous locations included:

Lorna: It was in a potato field in Ayrshire.
Me: Did you see him again?
Lorna: I married him

Woman - in a beach car park in East Lothian

Woman - I don't remember (even though she was sitting with the man!)

Dad: Kentucky.
Me: A KFC?
Dad: No, Kentucky USA. She was older than me.
Me: Did she seduce you?
Dad: I was stoned.
Daughter: Oooh Dad!

Barry - it was in Soho.
Jackie - The Canary Islands.

Frenchman - "I did it in England many, many times."

Scotsman - "I can't remember but I'm doing it again tonight!"

Potato Field or Car Park?

Am I French or Scottish?

Have I been to Kentucky?
Oooh Dad!

We're buying tickets to Kentucky first thing tomorrow morning!

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