Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Like A Virgin... (Part 10)

In my new Edinburgh Festival show ("Cruel To Be Kind" @ The Stand Comedy Club) I've been asking my audience "Where did you lose your virginity?"

Some of the glamorous locations included:

  • A Lady from Stirling lost her virginity in Dunblane ...
  • While her partner lost his virginity in a cellar.

  • Man - on a floor at a party in West London.
  • Lady (his partner) - in a BR railway carriage in South London. (Which speaks volumes about the West / South London divide)

  • Man - in a sleazy caravan in Berwick on Tweed.

  • Shiny headed man - on his knees! (Not sure if he understood the question?)

  • Lady - in Perth (she smiled at the memory)

  • Man wearing braces - in his bedroom, Orpington, Kent (Sounds like he was alone)
  • Lady (his partner) - in her bedroom, Hayes, Kent (Isn't that lovely? They're now both together 'doing it' in Kent)

  • And the lady from Hong Kong told us "nothing has happened in Hong Kong - yet!"

Now take look at these pictures and guess who told which story:

Do we spend time in sleazy caravan parks?

Perth, Dunblane or Hong Kong?

Am I too young to have been at an 'over-18 only' show?

Are we the West/South London divide?

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