Saturday, August 07, 2010

Like A Virgin... (Part 1)

In my latest Edinburgh Festival show (“Cruel To Be Kind” @ The Stand Comedy Club) I have a piece about losing my virginity, and I ask some members of the audience to tell their stories. These are some of the romantic locations(!) - I’ve added some pictures, guess which ones are the dirty sluts.

BTW I also record the shows and will be putting up audio clips of these very soon, please check back.

So, where did you lose your virginity?

A lovely woman told us (in front of her very embarrassed son) she lost her virginity in a graveyard in North Berwick. Is that classy or what?

A Scottish man lost his virginity in a bar on Rose Street, Edinburgh. Which is taking the saying ‘Please tip the staff’ to ridiculous heights.

Another woman ‘did it’ very quietly in her parents house in Manchester while her parents were watching TV downstairs.

A big man ‘got it on for the first time’ in a student bedsit in South Wales. He wasn’t a student. He was her ‘bit of working class rough’.

Then there was:

A friends house in Newcastle.

Some woods in Essex.

Boyfriends house, Beverley, Yorkshire.

Up a backpassage in Hull.

At a party in Troon.

Parents house, Nottingham.

Minehead, Somerset.

3 Scottish girls in the front row confessed to:

In a field somewhere in Fife with someone she didn’t like.

In St Andrews park.

And in her boyfriends mum and dad’s house in Kirkcaldy.

Finally there was the big Australian man who told us it was summertime in South Australia and “it was good. I’d be happy to do it again” ...

And his wife who lost her virginity in Fremantle, West Australia - but she couldn’t remember much about it because “I was so drunk”.

Do you recognise any of these tarts?

Guess where I did it.

A very happy Scottish man.

Oh mum, how could you?

I thought I attracted a more classy audience. Apparently not.

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TommyDGNR8 said...

Up a back passage? Does that count?


Jo Caulfield said...

Hi Tommy, thanks for pointing out potential problem with previous post (now deleted). Check your email, sent you message yesterday.