Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Festival Is Over...

...for another year.

Busy last couple of days - interviewed Tom Binns and Steve Bennett for forthcoming podcast - went to see Tom Binns as Ian D Montfort - went to see Dan Antopolski's show 'Turn of the Century' - went to The Stand rap party - went to H&M and bought a ring - went to Topshop and bought 2 tops ...

And that's Jazz! Welcome To Crazy Town.

Me and comedian Tom Binns (as his character Sunderland psychic Ian D Montfort - standing in front of a poster for his other character Ivan Brackenbury)

Me with Steve Bennett - the man behind The Chortle comedy website (www.chortle.co.uk) before I interviewed him for a forthcoming podcast.

Me and Jerry (my sound techie) - on the last night he whipped out his guitar and played us out with a great version of Cruel To Be Kind.

Edinburgh Festival - all done for another year.

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