Friday, August 20, 2010

"Cruel To Be Kind" - The Scotsman 4 Star Review...

"Jo Caulfield - Cruel To Be Kind" - 4 Stars (from The Scotsman)
Friday 20th August by Martin Gray

Fringe veteran — and no, that doesn’t mean wrinkly, she’s actually a bit of a fox - Jo Caulfield is back to show the trendy young Turks how it’s done.
Her theme is things that make her angry, and apart from programme-makers who favour said young Turks because both sides speak fluent “plummy”, the list includes job-nabbing Sue Perkins and sick-making new couples.

There’s a corker of a section involving a chance encounter in HMV that spiralled out of control, tales of her “girly-girl” pals, real-world/bitter fairy stories that had the audience hooting, and the joy of other people’s children. To be honest, there’s little anger, and a heck of a lot of laughs. If not for the fact that reviewers get in free, I’d say the end sequence, in which the audience helps with research for an upcoming magazine article, is worth the price of admission. As it is, you can decide for yourself should you go to see one of the most distinctive and witty voices on the comedy circuit

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