Friday, August 13, 2010

"Cruel To Be Kind" - 4 Star Reviews...

"Jo Caulfield - Cruel To Be Kind" - 4 Stars (from Scotsgay Magazine)

If you like your acts to have a savage edge book a ticket for Jo Caulfield at The Stand. The phrase Cruel to Be Kind is in the title and indeed, there is very little kindness evident in Caulfield’s show.

Caulfield’s on-stage demeanour is blunt, acerbic and downright, unashamedly bitchy. Her stories and observations are punctuated with poisonous but highly pertinent gags (such as a brilliantly vicious aside about BBC comedy) and Caulfield is adept at audience humiliation. Who’s complaining? Not Caulfield’s audience that’s for sure (who were roaring for more punishment like tickled whores).

Caulfield is a highly recommended act this year: she is a gripping performer. The jokes and one-liners still come thick and fast in a particularly slick hour. Caulfield’s routine ends with a ‘survey’ into the sexual experiences of the audience. She’ll no doubt get some interesting answers throughout the month.

"Jo Caulfield - Cruel To Be Kind" - 4 Stars (from The Herald)

Jo Caulfield tells her crowd she is realistic and truthful. She could add naughty but nice to that resume, but it would not paint the whole picture.

Having written extensively for other television performers, she knows how to properly structure a comedy hour. This one bounces round the audience at the start of proceedings almost out of politeness and inclusion, before launching seamlessly into a set piece about mistaken identity.

Observing the human condition is one of Jo’s strong points, and she effortlessly has everyone in that audience pontificating what they would have done in such a situation.

In keeping with the truthful mantra, she turns her attention to children’s stories, and it comes as no surprise that her tale does not end happily ever after.

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