Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Festival Is Over...

...for another year.

Busy last couple of days - interviewed Tom Binns and Steve Bennett for forthcoming podcast - went to see Tom Binns as Ian D Montfort - went to see Dan Antopolski's show 'Turn of the Century' - went to The Stand rap party - went to H&M and bought a ring - went to Topshop and bought 2 tops ...

And that's Jazz! Welcome To Crazy Town.

Me and comedian Tom Binns (as his character Sunderland psychic Ian D Montfort - standing in front of a poster for his other character Ivan Brackenbury)

Me with Steve Bennett - the man behind The Chortle comedy website (www.chortle.co.uk) before I interviewed him for a forthcoming podcast.

Me and Jerry (my sound techie) - on the last night he whipped out his guitar and played us out with a great version of Cruel To Be Kind.

Edinburgh Festival - all done for another year.

Like A Virgin... (Part 18)

In my Edinburgh Festival show ("Cruel To Be Kind" @ The Stand Comedy Club) I've been asking my audience "Where did you lose your virginity?"

Some of last night's glamorous locations included:

Man: In Swansea, Wales

Woman: "...in Norway, it wasn't romantic, I was drunk - it was with my dad's friend"

Man: In bed in Newcastle

Man: Southshields

Woman - Kirby (been together ever since)

Aberdeen Man - "...in a park at night in London, can't remember the name of the park"

Man - Birmingham

Man in glasses: in his parent's house in Surrey

Woman in glasses: in her parent's house in Edinburgh

Man - in York. "I don't remember anything about it"

Man - "...about 12 miles outside of Hull. It was a nice place."

American Man - Salt Lake City.

Woman - Brazil

Look at the pictures and guess who did it where:

Hull or Salt Lake City?

In a park late at night?


Daddies friend?

Are You In Any Of These Photos? (Part 2)

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Free Tickets!!
Free Tickets!! (To all 4 people in this photo)

Like A Virgin... (Part 17)

In my Edinburgh Festival show ("Cruel To Be Kind" @ The Stand Comedy Club) I've been asking my audience "Where did you lose your virginity?"

Some of Saturday night's glamorous locations included:

Man: "In a car. It was a Morris 1100. We took the roof off."

Husband: Stoke-on-Trent

Wife: Several hundred miles away!

Man: Aberdeen. I've no idea where it was.

Wife: It was in a house. I remember!

Man: On a school-trip in Russia.

Lady from Devon: Parents house.

Lady: "Can't say because my mothers sitting next to me."

Mother: Norfolk. On a pebbley beach.

Swedish Man: At home in my mother's house - with her approval. Because we're liberal.

Man: In Newcastle. Next to the Newcastle Brown ale factory. Never saw them again.

Look at the pictures and guess who did it where:

Stoke-On-Trent or Aberdeen?

Newcastle or Russia?

Norfolk or Devon?

On the beach or in the car?

Are You In Any Of These Photos?

Are you in any of these photos?

If you are, you can win FREE TICKETS to a future Jo Caulfield show.

telling me (a) which night you were there (all photos were date stampted)
and (b) what happened at the end of the show

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday 27th August

Me and comedian Stephen Carlin
after I'd interviewed him.

Me and Pink Floyd/Roxy Music bass player Guy Pratt
just before our interview.

Lot of great comedy shows at The Stand this year.

Like A Virgin... (Part 16)

Where did tonight's audience lose their virginity?

Man - Glasgow

Woman - London

Man from Blairgowrie - Cults, Aberdeen

Lady in white jacket - "I really, really can’t remember, it was so long ago. Maybe Devon?"

Dad (in front of cringing daughters) - "It was in Cheltenham... Cheltenham Ladies college" (Posh sex!)

Lady - "Southport... it wasn’t romantic... but I did see him again - long enough for decency"

Man - "in Oxford - in a bed. It was quite boring really".

Woman - with an Englishman she met in Greece on holiday.

Lady with large chest - Blackburn, West Lothian - "...it was very romantic" (she told us in front of her horrified husband)

Her husband - on a park bench in a small town in Fife.

Gentleman - Italy. That sounded romantic until his partner said...

Woman - "...it as by the sea, near Edinburgh, in a car - a Lotus Elan!"

In Greece on holiday...

...or on a park bench in Fife?

In a car or in a bed?

Cheltenham Ladies College?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Like A Virgin... (Part 15)

In my Edinburgh Festival show ("Cruel To Be Kind" @ The Stand Comedy Club) I've been asking my audience "Where did you lose your virginity?"

Some of last night's glamorous locations included:

Gay Man: In the woods in Pennicook (with a woman) in a house (with a man)

Woman from N Yorkshire - in a caravan near Lincoln

Woman - in a shed, in Edinburgh

Dad (in front of family): "I was on a beach in North Berwick. It's a very lovely beach".

Trevor - "In Bedford, it was pretty grim".

Man - Luton

Woman - in a flat in Edinburgh

Cambridge man - "On Brighton beach under a full moon".

Stockbridge man - in Pearly near Surrey

Woman - Aberdeen

Look at the pictures and guess who did it where:

In the woods with a woman or in a house with a man?

Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Luton?

In a Caravan or in a Shed?

Moonlit Brighton or grim Bedford?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Like A Virgin... (Part 14)

In my new Edinburgh Festival show ("Cruel To Be Kind" @ The Stand Comedy Club) I've been asking my audience "Where did you lose your virginity?"

Some of last night's glamorous locations included:

Lorna: It was in a potato field in Ayrshire.
Me: Did you see him again?
Lorna: I married him

Woman - in a beach car park in East Lothian

Woman - I don't remember (even though she was sitting with the man!)

Dad: Kentucky.
Me: A KFC?
Dad: No, Kentucky USA. She was older than me.
Me: Did she seduce you?
Dad: I was stoned.
Daughter: Oooh Dad!

Barry - it was in Soho.
Jackie - The Canary Islands.

Frenchman - "I did it in England many, many times."

Scotsman - "I can't remember but I'm doing it again tonight!"

Potato Field or Car Park?

Am I French or Scottish?

Have I been to Kentucky?
Oooh Dad!

We're buying tickets to Kentucky first thing tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Cruel To Be Kind" - Chortle 4 Star Review...

"Jo Caulfield - Cruel To Be Kind" - 4 Stars (from Chortle)

Wednesday 25th August

Jo Caulfield stands on stage at the top of the show, grasping a clipboard like an officious teacher on a school trip. It’s not the Caulfield we’re used to, more likely to be spotted in a dark, sweaty comedy club with pint in one hand and the mic in the other issuing forth with her acerbic punchlines.

But here at the Fringe she has the luxury of a sizeable audience (on a Tuesday night no less - impressive) all to herself for a whole hour. As it turns out the clipboard serves to replace the traditional stand-up’s opening of ‘give me a cheer if you’re from (insert country of choice)’ plus we get the amusing image of Caulfield doing a bit of admin as she coolly surveys her crowd.

More of the clipboard later, but the meat of the show is typical Caulfield fare, full of the assured gags of a consummate performer. For those not in the know, her stage persona is that of the cynical, slightly bitchy mate always ready to arch an eyebrow if you’re boring her and scold with her barbed wit.

It’s a persona epitomised in her story of how the tall Caulfield feels protective of her ‘little lady friends’ all a good few inches shorter than her and particularly feminine whereas she finds herself stood with a man at the bar having a ‘bloke conversation’.

It’s easy to see why she’s such a stalwart of the circuit as Caulfield’s is classic comedy of recognition, there are gasps of laughter around the room at her statement that everyone of a certain age has an annoying mate that you’ve been friends with so long that it’s got far too late to drop them. Elsewhere there’s also an uncannily accurate depiction of the office party.

Then after the straight observational gags, the icing on the sponge is a nice ‘realistic’ working of a fairytale and the culmination of her survey, researching how the Brits lose their virginity – creating a humour out of the mild embarrassment and gentle ribbing of the front row.

What's that song?

People keep asking me what's the music playing before my show

Most of the tracks are on these CD's

"My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stewart Lee interview

Day off yesterday...

...interviewed comedians Stewart Lee and Lee Camp for forthcoming podcast/internet radio thing ...

...went to see Phil Nicol ("Welcome To Crazytown"), then Stephen Carlin ("The Podium Of Unconditional Surrender")...

...ended up...

...very drunk!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Who Goes To See Jo On A Saturday Night (Part 2)

And where did they lose their virginity?

Man - in some Abbey ruins.

His mother in law - "...on my wedding night hotel at The Old Waverley Hotel, Edinburgh."

Man - "... in my best friend's older sister's bedroom."

Posh lady - "... I can’t remember, there’s been so many cocks."

Mouthy lady - "... in Belfast, I think we were in a bed.'

Man - Sheffield

Woman - in Wales by the sea

Woman - in a car in Cumbria.

Man - "...in my Aunties bedroom in Glasgow."

Man - in Dundee (went all the way from Kent to Dundee.

Woman - "I got married in the Abbey where that man had his first shag!"

Who Goes To See Jo On A Saturday Night?

Who goes to see Jo Caulfield on a Saturday night?

Edinburgh locals

Coaches from Ayrshire

People from Wick

Loud women from Glasgow

Quiet men from Troon

Chatty Catty’s

People from Kinloss

One man from Inverness (the fastest growing city in UK)

Aberdonians (sharing a car)

Lots of English

One Irish woman

Three people from Wales

Groups of lads

Very pretty girls

Tourists from Sweden

Travellers from New Zealand

Comedy lovers from Germany

Trendy couples
A woman who thought 'Jo Caulfield' was a MAN! (I heard her)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Like A Virgin... (Part 13)

In my new Edinburgh Festival show ("Cruel To Be Kind" @ The Stand Comedy Club) I've been asking my audience "Where did you lose your virginity?"

Some of last night's glamorous locations included:

Lady - South East London ...

While her partner lost his virginity in Bournemouth.

Woman - "it was in Richmond. In my husband to-be's accommodation. We were probably listening to Mahler's 4th".

Girl - "first with a boy in Leeds, then with a girl in Harrogate".

Girl - Chorley, near Manchester.

3 lovely drunk girls - Manchester, Newcastle and Darlington ("...I was dead nervous and kept putting it off. We finally did it in his single bed, listening to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers")

Distinguished looking gentleman - Norwich

Man - Maidstone in Kent ("in and out, job done")

Check-shirt Man - in Birmingham "and the music that was playing was Leonard Cohen"

Nicholas Parsons (host of Just A Minute) - "...in Glasgow. She was beautiful, absolutely lovely"

Now take a look at the pictures and guess who told which story:

Norwich, Bournemouth or Maidstone?

Which one likes the Red Hot Chilli Peppers?

Leeds or Harrogate?

Mahler's 4th or Leonard Cohen?