Monday, February 01, 2010

Every Penny Counts

Do you ever do this?

You go through all your old coats and jackets checking the pockets for money?

It’s like a cheap version of Deal Or No Deal.

“Is there money in this one?”


“Is there money in that one?”


You go through all your pockets and you don’t find a penny ... BUT THEN – you see your partner’s jacket and trousers lying on a chair ... and you think, “Aha! Result! I’m taking them down Cash Converters!!”

Charity Walk

I had this thought and I’m not sure if it says bad things about me or bad things about a friend of mine...

I got an email from my friend George saying, "I’m doing a 14 mile walk for charity and I’d like you to sponsor me. £2 per mile would be great. More than that would be wonderful”.

So I got out the calculator and did the sums – 14 miles at £2 per mile – that’s £28.
(Getting out the calculator was a joke by-the-way)

But the week before I got the email it was my birthday and George gave me a book...
I looked at the price tag (because I do that, I can’t help it but when somebody gives me a present I look to see how much they value my friendship ... I’ve just realised I’ve got this far in the story and its quite obvious who’s the bad person - me) – anyway I looked at the tag and it only cost £7.99

Thing is George works in a bookshop so I’m pretty sure he’ll have bought it in his own shop and got what? 10% staff discount? 15% staff discount?

So I’m thinking George got me a £7.99 book, less discount, from the bookshop he works in – so basically he’s saying, “This is how much I value you as a friend and this is how far I’m prepared to travel to get it ...”
Whereas – for these people he’s never met in another country, he’s happy to walk 14 miles!! What the fuck is that about??

(Seriously I’m going to Hell, don’t you think?)