Saturday, July 04, 2009

Threeweeks Interview / Edinburgh Festival Tips

Q1: What is your 2009 show all about?
No theme. Just as much material as I can force into 60 minutes.
I’ve got so many things to talk about: drunken girlfriends, ugly children, identity theft, sex, relationships, my ideas for Dragons Den inventions and possibly a 5 point plan to solve the current economic crisis.

Q2: Why should we come and see it?
Because Jo Caulfield’s in it and I hear she’s very good.

Q3: If your show was a superhero, what would his or her super power be?
Cat woman. An anti-hero. Making catty remarks in a great outfit – what more could a girl want.
Q4: What are you most looking forward to about this year's Edinburgh Festival?
Living in a flat that is my much nicer than where I live in London, eating in the Italian restaurants at the top of Leith Walk, buying homemade soup, walking round Edinburgh at night – it’s like being drunk in fairyland.

Q5: What are you least looking forward to about this year's Edinburgh Festival?
Conversations with media people/TV producers who know nothing about comedy.

Q6: What advice would you give to an audience member coming to the Fringe for the first time?
Don’t pack sandals, do wander into bars and talk to strangers. Also don’t leave without seeing a Scottish comedian – you’re in Scotland!
I’d recommend “Vladimir McTavish’s The Top 50 Greatest Scots Of All Time Ever” (The Stand) or “Kevin Bridges” – it’s a cliché to say he’s the next Frankie Boyle but…. ‘he’s the next Frankie Boyle’. Funny, likable and interesting.

Q7: Other than your own show, what's your hot show tip for Edinburgh 2009?
Caroline Maybe’s “GO GO GO COFFEE SHOW” (Beehive Inn). I find Caroline hilarious and will definitely go and see her doing her first solo hour. I’ve no idea what she’s doing …. something about a coffee pot. It’s free and she’s great, what more can I say. (Warning: she does steal drinks).

Q8: Describe your show in three words

Claws fully extended.