Friday, June 20, 2008

Go See This Show...

My Edinburgh Festival tickets are now on sale.
Go to The Stand or phone they direct: 0131 558 7272
This is what they have to say about my show:
"The minute Jo Caulfield hits the stage you know you're in for a good time. She's sharp-witted, delightfully bitchy and according to The Scotsman 'incapable of doing a bad show'. Oh and as an extra bonus Jo promises to write 5 minutes of new material each day about Scotland and/or Scottish history for her forthcoming Radio 4 series.
One of the most successful female comics in the country and star of her own Radio 4 series, Jo Caulfield is a classical comedian, simply holding forth on whatever subjects vex her.
And this year Jo has a lot of subjects to go through!
Badly behaved children, 'loved-up' couples, greedy property developers, drunken babysitters, geeky autograph collectors, mirrored bathrooms, institutionalised sexism and senior citizens who expose their genitals in Stirling will all feel the brunt of Jo's acerbic tongue.
There'll also be a warning about internet friendships, the Great Wall of China will get a good kicking and Jo will give advice on what you should do if you ever have a job interview with Sir Alan Sugar.
That sounds like a serious amount of comedy and gives a big clue as to why Jo's Edinburgh Festival shows have become such legendary sell-outs.
For the last 7 years Jo's mixture of cutthroat wit and wildly accurate observations has brought Festival audiences to their knees with laughter. And no matter who's in the room, they soon find themselves caught up in Jo Caulfield's world - whether talking about her Irish Catholic mother or bitching about various celebrities.
Jo's 2007 Edinburgh Fringe show Jo Caulfield Goes To Hell at The Assembly Ballroom garnered rave reviews and sell-out crowds.
Please note: The show is not suitable for children. They've got to be 16+ and accompanied by an over 18."

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Edinburgh Festival v's Edinburgh Comedy Festival

Read the articles and tell me what you think...

This is from the Sunday Herald.

And this is from The Times.

I'm really looking forward to this years Festival. I've been working through new material most nights and I'm confident this is going to be my best show yet.

It's coming together quite strongly.

I'm calling it 'Jo Caulfield : Two-Faced Bitch?' The basic premise is every review I've had this year mentions the world "Bitchy"... The Guardian calls me “wonderfully sharp and bitchy”, The Observer thinks I'm “feisty, funny and wickedly bitchy”, even the Radio Times said “Jo Caulfield has a great mix of observational humour and hilarious rants on life’s irritations... She is scathing, bitchy and intelligent with masses of attitude.”

The thing is – I don’t agree with those reviews.

I don't think I'm in the slightest bit “bitchy”.

I think I'm just saying what other people secretly think.

In 'Jo Caulfield : Two-Faced Bitch?' I’ll be telling the audience some of the things that happened to me this year – (getting thrown out of a major department store, dealing with a greedy property developer, punching my nextdoor neighbour, meeting my best friends new partner) - and how I handled the situations (badly!). At the end of the show I’ll take a vote and let the audience decide whether I acted "bitchy" or not.

If they think I did - I'll pay a forfeit.

Mind you, the show is still developing so don't hold me to it. I'll tell you more about it nearer the time.

I think my tickets go on sale next week - from 9th June (?)

You can book them through the Fringe Office or you can contact the The Stand direct - why not do that? Why not phone The Stand (0131 558 7272), order your tickets and have a chat with Eva or Nicky or Christine? They're all friendly people.

Anybody else doing a show this year? Let me know who I can go drinking with.

Jo x