Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dot Cotton and Rita Hayworth

I found this old Q & A thing I did with If you've never been to Comedy Camp you should go. Its a great club. I've been doing a set there every Tuesday for the last 4 weeks (don't let that put you off). Building up new material for the Edinburgh Festival. I'll write something about that next week...

GaydarNation Q & A
Top circuit comedian and Graham Norton script writer Jo Caulfield ("Quite simply one of the funniest women anywhere on the worldwide comedy circuit" Evening Standard) heads the bill at London`s award-winning Comedy Camp this Tuesday. More from Jo below.


Which character on EastEnders do you most identity with?
Dot Cotton - Cigarettes and Jesus have helped me through life’s difficult times.

Why do you like performing at Comedy Camp?
It always has a really happy, lively atmosphere and they appreciate a comedian who is well accessorised. Mainly it’s that the audience understand jokes and references that other audiences don’t. At Comedy Camp you can never be too rude or too vicious, so I’m very at home.

What`s the worst job you’ve had?
Entertaining in an old peoples home. One woman kept taking off her stockings and asking me to dress her and the rest of them just heckled me - "Rose’s only got one lung and she sings better than you." They were old and vicious - exactly how I want to be when I’m 80.

A fantasy date would include.....?
Lots of free gifts.

The best thing about stand up comedy is?
You don’t have a boss and you don’t have to get up in the morning.

What`s your best feature?
I like the fact that I’m tall, it shows I’ve made an effort - small people are very lazy.

Do you have a party trick?
Does vomiting in your handbag count?

Your duvet cover is?
So lovely. I love my bed, I am obsessed with getting sleep, and I never think I’ve had enough sleep. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be in prison as you get to go to bed really early.

Hecklers are.....?
Usually ugly and badly dressed.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
The Dad in Little House On The Prairie, Jim Bob in The Waltons and Doris Day in Calamity Jane - I had a whole Western / Christian / lesbian thing going on.

First snog?
Mark Boggis - I thought it was very odd that he put his tongue in my mouth.

Are you a good flirt?
No, because I talk too much and straight men like you to listen to them - but I’m much more interesting.

Who would you do on `Stars In Their Eyes`?
Celine Dion because I can`t sing either. My real fantasy would be to be Rita Hayworth in Gilda singing, " Put the blame on Mame". Younger readers can - well don’t be so young!

What is your favourite tipple?
GIN. Also, champagne, beer, red or white wine. The only things I don’t like are vodka and hot chocolate.

What do you sleep in?
A drunken stupor.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because it saw a fabulous chicken shoe shop on the other side.

What`s the best piece of advice that your mother gave you?
A good coat can hide a multitude of sins and never let a man sit too long.

Best one-liner?
Come and see me, then you can pick your own to take away and keep.

Gay audiences are…?
…fantastic because they are always clean and smell nice.

Describe yourself in three words.
Very, very lovely.

For all the latest information and to book tickets to this great night out – pop over to the Comedy Camp website.

Comedy Camp
Downstairs at Barcode
3-4 Archer Street
London, W1
Information: 020 7483 2960

Tickets cost £6 for members (or £8 including membership) and doors open at 7.30pm every week, with the show at 8.30pm. Bookings (recommended) can be made at or from TicketWeb on 08 700 600 100 (national rate number) - - a small booking fee applies.


Anonymous said...

Hecklers are.....?

I note that you spotted me in Brighton then LOL

Susie Felber said...

This is great and how I wish I could see your show!

I would say knock 'em dead but you always do so...

Not much else to say -- just amazed I decided to heck the blog today of all days. I = psychic!