Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Wednesday 17th October 2007

LONDON (Reuters) - Gossip is more powerful than truth, a study showed on Tuesday, suggesting people believe what they hear through the grapevine even if they have evidence to the contrary.

A new study conducted by evolutionary biologist Ralf Sommerfeld, at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, suggests people believe gossip even if there’s evidence to the contrary.

Prof Sommerfeld who led the study said, “Tests show that gossip has a strong influence... even when participants have access to the original information as well as gossip about the same information. Thus, it is evident that gossip has a strong manipulative potential."

“In evolutionary terms, gossip can be an important tool for people to acquire information about others' reputations or navigate through social networks at work and in their everyday lives. My full results will be published later this year in conjunction with the National Academy of Sciences”.

Prof Sommerfeld also added, “Peter Andrea is sleeping with other women behind Jordan’s back”.

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