Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Flasher

I have been flashed twice in my life.

The first time was when I was 17 at the Acropolis in Greece, which is odd as there’s already a lot of statues of naked men. Why put yourself up against stiff opposition? (Pardon the pun)

The second time was earlier this year in Scotland.

We were having a small driving holiday and we stopped in Stirling.

There’s a lovely park there called King’s Park and it was a hot sunny day - so my husband, being a Scotsman who can’t sit in the sun for more than 4 minutes without bursting into flames, went off to buy a paper.

Minutes later this man, about 65, came along and started talking to me in the way that people do outside of London. "Where was I from?", "Was I enjoying my holiday in Scotland?", "Had I been to Stirling before?" Then he start to tell me about Stirling Castle – how long it took to build, who had lived there, and how it had been used during the filming of the classic 70’s TV series Colditz.
Now, as a kid I used to watch Colditz, so I found it all very interesting. Then just as he was about to go and had said goodbye, he opened his coat and exposed himself.

But I did still think ..... he was very informative.

Then my husband came back and asked what I wanted to do next?
"Mmmm, well", I said, "while we’re here I’d quite like to go and see the Castle".

So that’s what we did, we went to Stirling Castle and it is very impressive. I would definitely recommend you go visit.

But for me the high-spot was at the main door (portcullis?) there was a women there from the Scottish Tourist Board and she’s going around with a clipboard and asking everyone, “How did you hear about the Castle?”
I thought I can’t miss this opportunity, I’ll have to tell her – “Well funny story about that…” so I told about the man in the park and how he exposed himself.

And she just laughed and said “ Oh, that’ll be George”.

I said, “Did you not hear me say he got his cock out?”

She just laughed again – then her face went blank – then she looked annoyed – and she said, “Did he not also tell you about the Bannockburn heritage site?”

If you ever go there keep a look out for George – he has a blue raincoat and a tartan thermos.


Wednesday 17th October 2007

LONDON (Reuters) - Gossip is more powerful than truth, a study showed on Tuesday, suggesting people believe what they hear through the grapevine even if they have evidence to the contrary.

A new study conducted by evolutionary biologist Ralf Sommerfeld, at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, suggests people believe gossip even if there’s evidence to the contrary.

Prof Sommerfeld who led the study said, “Tests show that gossip has a strong influence... even when participants have access to the original information as well as gossip about the same information. Thus, it is evident that gossip has a strong manipulative potential."

“In evolutionary terms, gossip can be an important tool for people to acquire information about others' reputations or navigate through social networks at work and in their everyday lives. My full results will be published later this year in conjunction with the National Academy of Sciences”.

Prof Sommerfeld also added, “Peter Andrea is sleeping with other women behind Jordan’s back”.