Thursday, August 24, 2006

Buying A Book

You ever buy a book from one of the big internet sites like Amazon?

It's fantastic.

You can buy anything from Amazon. I used it last month. They offered to match me with what I wanted, so I asked for something cheap, trashy and lightweight – imagine my surprise when Abi Titmuss turned up.

The other great thing about Amazon is when you buy a book they tell you what "other customers who bought that same book also purchased”.

For example, customers who bought 'Tony and Cherie: A Special Relationship' also bought 'Macbeth'.

Customers who bought 'The 100 Cutest Kittens and Puppies', also bought 'Why Men Leave'.

And customers who bought ‘Fools Rush In’ by Anthea Turner, also purchased a length of strong rope and a wobbly chair.


Anonymous said...

Well, Jo, I've just heard your show on BBC 7 and I think you are hilarious. Really excellent. Give us a shout if you're ever up near Salop (unlikely, I know).

Good luck with the tour!

Paws said...

what what what!? No comments!?
I broke your comment virginity. Sorry.

I have nothing more to say...

Susie Felber said...

OMG! I just found Jo C., one of my very favorite comedians ever has a blog! I can now die happy.

Rock on Jo, I'll be reading you.

Anonymous said...

There may be no comments as of yet, but some of us really do want to read this, honest! Saw you last Tuesday in Edinburgh, haven't got over it yet. Everytime I pass Marks & Sparks I start giggling and have to explain why to whoever I'm with. Please come to York, I need to drag my friends along to see you because they don't find my impressions of you amusing... Thanks for a great night.

Anonymous said...

Saw you in Edinburgh last night (Aug 23rd)- I was the SLUT !!!! (with the mad cat woman !). You were fantastic, I haven't laughed so much in ages. The hour was just not long enough.

Hope you get your luggage back !