Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fighting Talk - Radio 5 Live

Was a lucky enough to be a guest on Radio 5 Live's "Fighting Talk" the other week...
Always a good fun show to appear on.
Other guests were:
 Richard Osman from Pointless (@richardosman)
Fulham's Matt Smith (@mattjpsmith)
 Telegraph Sports journalist Thom Gibbs (@thomgibbs). 
 Presented by Josh Widdicombe (@joshwiddicombe) and Georgie Thompson (why can't I find Georgie on Twitter?)
If you've never heard 'Fighting Talk', you're definitely missing out. Make a note:
Radio 5 Live - Saturday mornings at 11am 
There's also a weekly 'Fighting Talk' podcast you can download from iTunes... HERE 
Worst episode of 'Embarrassing Bodies' ever!

Monday, October 05, 2015

Glamour Magazine's Favourite Comedians....

Glamour Magazine pick their favourite comedians at Edinburgh Fringe...

There's no place like Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As one of many incredible offerings during August in Edinburgh (including the Book Festival, International Festival and the Art Festival), the buzz of the city is at an all-time high. GLAMOUR'S Emma Gannon headed up the city of art and comedy to watch the best female comedy talent. Here are the shows and comedians that really tickled her and left her reeling for weeks after.

 4) Jo Caulfield

I had the pleasure of seeing Jo Caulfield's stand up as part of Set List Live described as "comedy without a net" an iconic improvised night of comedy where the acts have no idea what their script will be for the night. Set List is famous for having some seriously incredible names on the stage in the past (for example king of comedy, the late Robin Williams) so we knew were in for a night of laughs. Jo Caulfield was my favourite of the evening, totally killing the audience laughing with her made up jokes on the spot, even the very controversial topics. 

(August 2015)

A very intelligent comedian...?

"Jo Caulfield is a very intelligent comedian, her punchlines are often unexpected, catching you entirely off guard as she takes her jokes in directions you couldn’t have possibly have foreseen" - Broadway Baby (August 2015)

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Broadway Baby review of Awkward Conversations...

* * * *

Jo Caulfield is sardonic, cutting and fantastically witty. Her Awkward Conversations are, as advertised, very awkward. But then, that’s what makes them so brilliantly funny.

Caulfield begins her show by getting to know her audience, creating a rapport which is beautifully maintained throughout her performance. She launches into her material with descriptions of life living in Edinburgh, or more specifically, Leith. These descriptions paint the backdrop for the awkward conversations she is to go on to describe. Her take on life in Leith is wonderfully hilarious, especially if you are local to the area and have made visits to the locations she discusses.

Caulfield has had a lot of awkward conversations this past year alone, she recalls each of them in turn, knitting them together so wonderfully that the material flows seamlessly throughout the show. Each of her conversations is deliciously dissected, and they are, for the most part, so relatable that you cannot help but cringe and laugh. Caulfield’s manner is relaxed and confident, but she is willing to show moments of vulnerability during some of her tales, which greatly enhances her performance.

Her stories about her friends recent divorce, and her own marriage are vividly described, accentuating the humour perfectly. One particular tale of her marital life is described in such detail that you could imagine yourself in the room as the excruciatingly cringeworthy exchange took place. The phone conversations she describes as having had with her mother are an especial delight, that many could relate to. Caulfield is a very intelligent comedian, her punchlines are often unexpected, catching you entirely off guard as she takes her jokes in directions you couldn’t have possibly have foreseen. She is a fantastic wordsmith.

Those who are easily offend may not enjoy Caulfield’s brand of comedy, as some of her jokes are quite provocative. For everyone else however, Jo is well worth seeing this Fringe.
(Broadway Baby) August 2015

Tuesday, September 01, 2015


The Herald review of Awkward Conversations...

* * * * *
Jo Caulfield is everything the Comedy Fringe is about. Friendly, naughty and deliciously self-deprecating. 

The front row were virtually pleading to be picked on and she didn't disappoint. The bald man with the shiny dome, the group of ladies with the good hair and Monica from Mexico all got some stick. Her best put downs however, were reserved for a family of slightly bemused Americans. 

This woman doesn't just engage with her audience, she goes for a full-blown civil partnership. The section on her best friend's dating options fell a little short of the mark but, sensing this, she soon abandoned it and moved on. Jo's potty mouth wouldn't win many plaudits on her regular Radio 4 slots, but this mainly couples crowd loved it. They loved it too when she discussed the trials and tribulations of her own marriage. Everything from almost splitting up to the perils of role play. All told with brilliant deadpan delivery and exquisite timing. 

An Edinburgh resident , her take on the attempted gentrification of Leith is spot on. Coffee from the Guatemalan jungle or some craft beer with a stupid name, anyone? She might be one of the UK 's top TV comedy writers, but on this superb showing, stand-up is undoubtedly her artisanal bread and butter.
(Herald Scotland) August 2015


One4Review review of Awkward Conversations...

* * * * *
I have always found Ms Caulfield to be a classy comedian who always has an excellently written and funny show, delivered in a style that only she can. And this year’s offering fits the bill exactly.

Oozing presence she sweeps to the stage gathering up one and all with her and taking them along with her throughout the whole hour. Her style of delivery is as if chatting, or maybe even gossiping, with friends over a glass of wine, even asking for audience advice on a couple of matters along the way.

Some of the topics that are visited are the division friends following a divorce, dating, touring and being away as a busy comic, her mother, waxing and as usual a great source of the inspiration of material, her husband and their relationship.
The whole experience passes by so quickly I couldn’t believe that she had been talking for an hour, it was certainly one of the quickest this Fringe, but there is always next year’s too look forward to.

As the sold-out signs are in evidence regularly get yours soon or risk having the awkward conversation that you can’t go.
(One4Review) August 2015


Fife Today review of Awkward Conversations...

* * * * *
There’s nothing awkward about any of the conversations with Jo Caulfield - simply top notch comedy and gags galore in a perfectly honed hour of comedy.

The Stand is also the very best place to see live stand-up, and it was packed to the point of standing room only for this gig - a nightly occurrence for Caulfield in what is pretty much her second home.

Get in early to grab a seat, and if you opt for the front row be prepared to be part of one of her conversations at any point during the hour.

The title of Caulfield’s 2015 show is based on assorted chats with friends, family and her husband - the source of some great material - all pieced together with effortless ease.

She really makes this comedy malarkey look easy even if it is one of the hardest things to do to stand on stage with nothing more than a mic and your own wits to entertain a full house without so much as a pause let alone allowing the pace or energy to drop at all.

The gags are delivery with great timing, and the hour flies past by.

You simply won’t see a better stand-up show at this year’s Fringe.
(Fife Today) August 2015