Friday, July 25, 2014

Edinburgh Festival Shows I'm Going To See...

Only a few days now until the Festival kicks off so…

This morning I went through the Edinburgh Fringe Festival brochure with a marker pen. I wasn’t circling shows I wanted to see. I was drawing beards and glasses on Lucy Porter, Jojo Sutherland and Zoe Lyons. By the time I was finished they looked like Mumford and Sons.

Lucy (white wine), JoJo (lager) and Zoe (white wine, lager or whatever’s handy) are three of my favourite comedians. I would definitely recommend you catch them this August because they are all on the game. Sorry! I mean “they are all on the TOP OF THEIR game”.

Plus you get the bonus of visiting 3 different venues: The Stand Comedy Club, The Beehive Inn and The Gilded Balloon. And that’s half the fun of the Festival, isn’t it? Discovering all the hot, damp, badly ventilated rooms. Hey, nothing says FESTIVAL quite like a bacterial incubator. Boom-Tish!

Once again The Stand Comedy Club has a very strong lineup: Stewart Lee, Jo Caulfield, Gavin Webster, Bridget Christie, Jo Caulfield, Phill Jupitus, Mitch Benn, Jo Caulfield, Josie Long, Jo Caulfield, Stephen K Amos, Kerry Godliman, Katherine Ryan, Gary Little and Jo Caulfield.

And Otiz Cannelloni’s “History of Magic”!! Otiz is one of my all-time favourite acts. He’s joyfully stupid with a fantastic deadpan delivery. If you’re aged anywhere between 5 and 105, go see this show. Take the kids. Take the whole family. Dig up a couple of dead relatives. They’ll all enjoy it. I can quite confidently say “if you can name a better comedy/magic show that runs from the 1st to 17th August at 10.45am anywhere else of York Place, I won’t believe you because you’re lying.”

And there’s some great comedians at The Assembly Rooms on George Street. I’ll definitely be going along to see Nick Revell, Scott Capurro and Andrew Maxwell. Or as I call them ‘two tops and a bottom’.

Imagine being a fly on that dressing room wall. I wonder if it’s too late to get a camera crew and sell that as a reality show? “The Battle of the Divas”. I’ll bet Channel 5 would buy it.

Speaking of Comedy Divas…
I like the sound of Abi Roberts “Musical CID” (Gilded Balloon). With her blonde hair, large chest and filthy song lyrics, Abi is everything a young gay man could ever hope to be. 
From what I can gather, “Musical CID” is a comedy confessional show where Abi interviews guest comedians about their favourite songs and videos. It’s shows like this and Viv Groskop’s “The Night I Died” (Bob’s Bookshop) that make the Festival such an exciting playground for comics. They both offer a real chance for comedians to come off-script and let the comedy go to places they didn’t expect.

(I’m a guest on Abi Roberts’ “Musical CID” on Friday 8th August, Gilded Balloon, 12.30pm. Abi asked me to fill in a questionnaire of my favourite records. How many do you agree with? )

Who else has caught my eye? Well, I’m looking forward to seeing visiting American comedian/storyteller Tom Shillue - he’s a friend of a friend and comes highly recommended. And Tom has his own Twitter page, so he must be good.

Every year I recommend Keir McAllister and Vladimir McTavish (“Aye Right? How No?”, Assembly Rooms, 6.30pm) and this year is no different. And I will recommend Keir & Vladimir next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. In fact I will keep on recommending them until they get it right.

This year Keir and Vladimir are tackling the Scottish Independence Referendum … which is a bit like an amateur version of “Britain’s Got Talent” but without the singing. Or the dead relatives. Or the talent. 

Speaking of Scotsmen who drink too much… Gary Little is tipped as the next BIG THING in Scottish comedy. Search “Gary Little dancing story” on YouTube and you’ll see why he’s so highly rated. I’ve worked with him several times and he never fails to nail BIG laughs. (Although let’s be honest, he has trouble following me - because while Gary brings the Comedy, I bring the complete package: Comedy, Style and Modesty.) 

Gary’s at The Stand Comedy Club, as is Gavin Webster. Another of my favourite stand-ups. I make a point of seeing Gavin every year. He’s refreshingly honest and I always leave his shows thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. 

If there was an award for “Best Show Title” Gavin would walk away with it. 
“All Young People Are Cunts” (2011)
“Bill Hick’s Wasn’t Very Good” (2012)
“Don’t Give Any Money To Comic Relief And Other Opinions” (2013)
And this year…?
“A Controversial Title In Order To Sell Tickets” (2014).

OK, that’s enough about The Stand. Apparently there are shows in other venues. Who knew? 

Aidan Goatley is back at The Voodoo Rooms with his fantastic heart-warming show “10 Films With My Dad”.

I love the Voodoo Rooms. They’re dark and Gothic and glamorous and glitzy. It’s a bit like doing a gig in Liza Minnelli’s vagina. And I like Aidan. Although one day I’d like to see him really stretch-out as a performer and tackle “10 Hard Core Porn Films I Watched With My Grandmother”.

And don’t forget, “10 Films With My Dad” is part of the wonderful Free Fringe. That’s right. It’s FREE! So please, please, please, pretend to put some money in the collection box at the end of the show.

So many shows. So many decisions to make. 

Do I go to “Late’n’ Live” (Gilded Balloon, 1am) or “Hate’n’ Live” (Espionage, 11pm)?
Do I go to “Best of Irish Comedy” (Stand Comedy Club, 6pm) or “Best of Singapore Comedy” (The Counting House, 8.45pm)?
Do I go to “Best of the Fest” (Assembly Hall, 11.55pm) or “Very Best of the Fest” (Assembly Rooms, 11.55pm)?

Seriously, what is a girl supposed to do?

In the end I probably won’t go to any of them. Unless they ask me to take part. Fingers-crossed The Counting House has my phone number.

And where do I even begin to start with Bruce Fummey?

Do I go to Bruce’s pro-independence comedy show “Aaah’m Voting Yes” (The Beehive, 6.40pm) or do I go to Bruce’s anti-independence comedy show “Aaah’m Voting No” (Espionage, 9.45pm)?

He’s a smart lad that Bruce Fummey. Last year he performed a show in Gaelic. Yeah - funny, educational, and bilingual. What a clever bastard.

And Mick Ferry! Let’s not forget Mick Ferry. Mick won the “Best UK Live Stand-Up” award last year. Yes, that’s how good he is. I worked with him just a couple of days ago and he was absolutely brilliant! His new show, “What’s Going On?”, is on at Just The Tonic at The Community Project. I think it’s a new venue. Part of the Old Kirk on Candlemaker Row.

One of my fondest memories from last year’s Fringe was walking into CC Blooms for late night drink and finding a bare-chested Mick Ferry, swinging his Harrington jacket round his head, dancing to Rednex’s “Cotton Eyed Joe”. For a big lad, that boy can really move.

Of course it’s not all comedy - I’m also going to see Mitch Benn. Oh relax. I’m joking. I’m not going to see Mitch Benn.

A couple of plays have caught my eyes. I like a bit of theatre coz I is nuffink if not a fuckin’ classy bird. And I’m a big fan of Tony Hancock so I’ll make a point of catching “Hancock’s Last Half Hour” by Heathcote Williams (Assembly Rooms, 12 noon)

Why would I want to see a play about a down-on-their-luck alcoholic comedian, committing suicide in an Australian hotel room? Well change Australian hotel room to the Jongluers Portsmouth dressing room and it all becomes obvious.

Anyway, it’s a Festival. Come on, let’s get upbeat again. Do you want to have fun? I can’t hear you. I said, “Do you want to HAVE FUN?” YES, yes of course you do. Well answer me this, does anything say GOOD TIMES more than a series of spoken word performances?

That’s right. Warren Lakin and Mike McCarthy are back at The Assembly Rooms with a whole smorgasbord of writers, thinkers, drinkers and modern philosophers. PARTY ON DUDES!

Mary Beard, Steve Richards, Simon Singh, John O’Farrell, Richard (“Is he or isn’t he?”) Wiseman, and Owen (“Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class”) Jones… Each one is an hour that’s guaranteed to make you sit up and think.
I’m especially looking forward to Tanya Bryon’s “The Skeleton Cupboard: The Making Of A Clinical Psychologist”, where Tanya shares powerful stories from her years of training as a clinical psychologist and highlights the struggles of patients and staff alike on the journey from chaos to clarity. I don’t actually know anything about psychology, I just want to ask Tanya where she gets her hair done.

Apart from that… I suppose this year we’ll see another bunch of “Are women funny?” articles. That seems to be the easiest article for a bad journalist to write. That or “I'm a reviewer and I decided to try standup comedy”. Who gives a fuck? I really find those articles insulting. They are the equivalent of me saying, “I'm going to give journalism a try”. Actually I did give it a try. I wrote this. And you know what? It was a piece of piss. 

All you need is a pen and notebook and a deep-seated hatred for anyone funnier than yourself.

Oh yeah, almost forgot - I’m doing a show. “Cancel My Subscription” - Stand Comedy Club, 7.05pm

It’s a show for anyone who’s ever wanted to scream: “Oh shut up! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!” 

No gimmicks. No powerpoint displays. No riding a bike across Southern Indonesia.

Just me and a microphone. You can get all the details here: 

OK that’s it. I genuinely recommend ALL of these shows. YES, I know a lot of the people involved but I didn’t let that sway me. They all make me laugh(*).

See you in a couple of weeks with some more ‘Festival Shows I’m Going To See’.


Jo x

(*) They all paid me.

Jo Caulfield : “Cancel My Subscription”, Stand Comedy Club, 7.05pm
Nick Revell : “Closet Optimist”, Assembly Rooms, 6.45pm
Scott Capurro : “Islamohomophobia”, Assembly Rooms, 10pm 
Andrew Maxwell : “Hubble Bubble”, Assembly Rooms, 10.20pm
Mitch Benn : “Don’t Believe A Word”, Stand Comedy Club, 3pm
Lucy Porter : “Me Time”, Stand Comedy Club, 12.50pm
JoJo Sutherland : “In Conversation”, The Beehive, 1.30pm

Zoe Lyons : “Mustard Cutter”, Gilded Balloon, 7pm

Monday, July 14, 2014



Award-winning comedian Jo Caulfield presents a brand new EDINBURGH FESTIVAL show. 

“CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION” is pure stand-up comedy. There are no gimmicks - simply Jo Caulfield and her biting acerbic tongue. This is the show for anyone who has ever wanted to scream: “Please shut up - YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!” 

Audiences can expect razor-sharp observations and scandalous one-liners as Jo Caulfield shares her opinions on everything from women who always pick the wrong partner and men who continually quote gangster films, to families arguing on trains and the growth of passive-aggressive corporate friendliness.

Jo also confesses to a romantic break that almost ended in divorce, re-enacts the world’s WORST birthday party and explains why her husband could never be a serial killer.

And the show will be finished by 8.05pm so we can all go for drinks afterwards. 
Or let's ditch the show and go for drinks instead??

“Many of the points Jo Caulfield makes about the human condition would have sociologists stroking their beards in admiration, but her audiences tend to be laughing too much to notice" - The Times.


Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Abi Roberts' Musical CID

I'm a guest on "Abi Roberts' Musical CID" at the Edinburgh Festival this August.


Abi's show is all abut music and the guests favourite records/songs/videos/etc

I filled in this questionnaire for it...

What music do you first remember listening to when you were a child?

Kids TV theme tunes: especially The Double Deckers. They lived in a bus, in London. I lived in London. I wanted to live in a bus.

Josie & The Pussycats cartoon theme. I wanted to be the blonde drummer.

What was the first single/album/CD you bought?

Single: Long Haired Lover From Liverpool by Jimmy Osmond.

Album: It was either The Police, The Slits or Talking Heads. I want to say Slits, but probably The Police.

CD: I didn’t have a CD player for ages. I had 1000’s of cassettes. 1st CD was The Pretenders Greatest Hits. 

What was the song you had your first kiss to or the song that was the background music to your first date/love affair?

Please Don’t Go by KC & The Sunshine Band 

What is or was the music you get ready to for a night out? 

Groove Is In The Heart by Deee-Lite

Ride On Time by Black Box

What’s your favourite music video? 

I didn’t really watch MTV. I was into the Rockabilly scene. I played drums VERY BADLY in a Rockabilly band. We were like The Cramps. But without the songs. Or the talent.

Prince Charming by Adam & The Ants. I liked the dance routine.

Most Madonna videos - as a waitress we’d dance around to them in the restaurant.

What’s your least favourite music video?

Hello by Lionel Richie. The weird pervy bloke stalking the blind girl. There was something deeply strange about that.

Michael Jackson. All of them. I thought his dancing was ridiculous. I only liked the early Jackson 5 stuff.

What is your “guilty pleasure” music on your IPod? (what song/artist would you NOT want your mates to know you listened to?)

Don’t have any. Don’t believe in ‘guilty pleasure’. You either like it or you don’t. You wouldn’t say that about food: “Spinach is my guilty pleasure, don’t tell anyone” … or footwear: “I’m so ashamed to admit this but I like Clarks black patent leather pumps”. Makes no sense to me.

What music/songs get you in the mood or fire you up on the way to a gig (on your IPod/car stereo etc)?

Anything loud and noisy. Anything that gets the adrenaline flowing.

The Ramones.

Love Is All Around by Joan Jett. (Brilliant cover of Mary Tyler Moore TV show theme tune)

Cruel To Be Kind by Letters To Cleo. (Harder, faster version of Nick Lowe song)

If you were doing the O2 arena, what music would you walk on to? 

Mr Big Stuff by Jean Knight.

I don’t like big guitar riff’s, then a comedian coming out and saying “Hello…”. I feel let down and want the music to keep playing.

If you had to rescue just ONE album from a fire, what album would it be and what track would you play?

I’d rescue London Calling by The Clash and play Train In Vain.

Or I’d rescue everything by The Rolling Stones. Everything!

What’s your favourite lyrics in a song and in your opinion? 

“I will give you my finest hour, the one I spent watching you shower, I will give you my finest hour, oh yeah.
All I want is a photo in my wallet, a small remembrance of something more solid, all I want is a picture of you” - Picture This by Blondie.

I listen to a lot of Lou Reed and Biggie Smalls. They have great lyrics. 

If you were single and fancied someone, what 3 tracks would you put on a mix-tape for that person? 

1) If I Can’t Have You by Yvonne Elliman.

2) Every Breath You Take by The Police.

3) Stan by Eminem.

That would say: ‘I’m available and interested, with just the correct hint of threatening menace’. Reject me at your peril.

What would be your self-indulgent break-up/being dumped song?

No Regrets by Scott Walker.

Nothing Compares To You by Sinead O’Conner.

What is/has been your ‘sexy-time’ song? 

Calling it ‘sexy-time’ has put me right off!

Anything that makes me think of my husband: something by Dexys Midnight Runners or something by Joe Strummer - yeah, “Arms Aloft” by Joe Strummer.

What makes you want to get up and DANCE?

Anything by KC & The Sunshine Band.

Soul City Walking by Archie Bell & The Drells.

Free Your Mind by En Vogue.

The Temptations.

70’s funk.

What music makes you sit down/retire from the dance floor? 

Modern R & B  divas - can’t stand all the vocal gymnastics. 

Cheap tiny techno music played in most bars. Thump. Thump. Thump.

What music would you/did you have for the first dance at your wedding? 

We didn’t dance. We walked through New York holding hands.

What’s your favourite piece of classical music and why?

I don’t know anything about *real* classical music.

I’ve got a lot of experimental classic pieces by people like John Cale (Paris 1919) and Philip Glass (Koyaanisqatsi). I think they’re a bit more sound track-y?

What music do you want played at your funeral?  

A mashup of the Hancock’s Half Hour theme tune and KC & The Sunshine Band.

What is your chosen karaoke song?

Free Your Mind by En Vogue. Especially the spoken intro.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Speakeasy - Tuesday 10th June

THE SPEAKEASY at The Scottish Storytelling Centre



We have another fantastic lineup of storytellers, comedians, sketches and hopefully a bit of music and a short film of Leith... with...
Jo Caulfield (Me! I'm best! Forget the others!)
Juliette Burton
Bruce Devlin
Wild Card Kitty
Jo Clifford
Loud Poets
A short Play/Sketch
A short film (maybe?)
...and someone else I can't remember.

Tickets are on sale now: 0131-556-9579

The best way to find out about The Speakeasy is to follow the our Twitter account

This might also interest you...?

August 1st to August 24th
At The Stand Comedy Club, 5 York Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EB

This is my NEW show. You've not heard any of it. I'll be talking about the IndyRef (where does Nicola Sturgeon get her clothes? I thought C&A's closed down years ago? And what's with Joann Lamont's teeth? When she smiles it's like Stonehenge). There'll be some stuff (a lot!) about my husband and his failed attempts at D.I.Y. And I'll tell you about a dirty weekend I had in London. Basically it's jokes and stories. And probably the funniest thing you'll see in The Stand Comedy Club at 7.05pm. Probably.

By playing at The Stand Comedy Club I can keep the ticket price at £10 - which is important to me because The Fringe Festival is great but getting far too expensive. It's a real shame how the prices have spiralled out of control. And by going on a 7.05pm we can all go for a drink afterwards...and that's the main thing, isn't it? I'm thinking we all hit the Bow Bar. Or The Jolly Judge. Or Mathers if the footballs on. Mind you, I quite like The Lioness of Leith. Or The Central! Come on, who doesn't love The Central? Play your cards right and we could all end up in the Port O' Leith. That's probably my favourite Saturday night destination. Last time I was in the Port O' Leith a strange man sold me a leather belt for £3.00. If you've never been, you should definitely give it a visit. It's like being on ecstasy without actually being on ecstasy. Yeah, let's do that. Let's all go there. In fact let's not waste any time, let's go tonight! 

Oh yeah, sorry, my show.... here's the link: 

The show is called "Cancel My Subscription"
Quite apt really.

If you've read this far I can tell you the important bit: My Edinburgh Fringe Festival show helps finance The Speakeasy. That's how I can keep the Speakeasy ticket price at £6.00. 
Anyway... Two of my Fringe Festival shows (Monday 4th August and Tuesday 5th August) will be at a super-low price. Tickets are 2-for-1 .... and on sale NOW. 
I'd rather the Speakeasy regulars on the mailing list got first chance to grab these. So that's a win-win situation. You all save money and support the up-keep of The Speakeasy. And then we all get hammered at the Port O' Leith.
Love ya

Jo x

Friday, May 30, 2014

Advice For Edinburgh Virgins...

The Edinburgh Festival is only 63 days away. Broadway Baby asked me to write an article and maybe give some advice... so, here goes...


Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! It’s the biggest show in town.

The smart money is on Brazil but I’m going with Argentina because they have an easier route to the final. Stick down Lionel Messi as top goalscorer and a £5.00 double could bring you £244. And that little windfall will be much needed when the money-grabbing Edinburgh Fringe Festival kicks off two and a half weeks later.

So, what should you buy with your winnings? Well, it’s Edinburgh in August so I’d suggest a pair of flip-flops and an umbrella. Or some suntan lotion and a waterproof jacket. 

Or you could come and see me 24 times at The Stand Comedy Club and still have a pocketful of loose change. Why not enter into the real spirit of The Fringe and give your loose change to one of the human statues that’ll be cluttering up the Royal Mile in the name of Art? I’ll admit I don’t know much about Art but I do know a 1st year drama student spray-painted silver is less an expression of alienation in modern Britain, and more the actions of a complete tosser who should get a proper job. I’m sure their parents are very proud.

Yes, you’ve got to love the Festival!

Anyway, here’s some advice for Festival Virgins…

1) Before my very first Edinburgh (way back in 1907) I was given this piece of advice about preview shows. You should never do more than 5 or 6 of them. I can’t remember who told me, it was either Adam Bloom or Andy Parsons (*) but the reason behind it was: it’s better to keep your material fresh and exciting for yourself. The last thing you want to do is arrive in Edinburgh with an hour long show you’ve become bored of performing.
(*) Or maybe it was Jeff Green. It was either him or I read it somewhere. No, now I come to think about it I’m pretty sure it was Adam Bloom. Or Andy Parsons. Or Jeff Green. Or I read it somewhere.

2) Have fun doing your show. It’s a great experience. It’s YOUR audience. Don’t get wrapped up in the politics, don’t get wrapped up in the bullshit. Enjoy performing YOUR show every night.

3) Don’t read your reviews. Leave that until the end of the Festival. Have a trusted friend read them for you and have them pull out any good quotes you might be able to use in advertising your show. (This does not include Broadway Baby obviously. Broadway Baby is the Hunter S. Thompson of comedy reviews. In that all the staff are on drugs and they all deserve a good kicking from some Hells Angels.)

A quick word about advertising your show: when it comes to advertising I'm as confused as the next person. When I first came to the Festival (way back in 1856) I was told that the return on a leaflet was three out of the hundred. Give out 100 flyers you get 3 punters. Give out 1000 flyers you get 30 people. This is my 12th year and I’m genuinely embarrassed to think how many trees have been cut down to publicise my shows.
As for posters; I was told a passerby needs to see an image 19 times before it makes any impact of consciousness. I’ve no idea who told me that either.
Can you see a common theme here? People tell me things, I can never remember who, but I take it as a fact. Maybe a therapist would trace it back to my Uncle George - “Go on, just let me put it in a little bit. I promise it won’t hurt”.

4) Don’t read anyone else’s reviews. Don’t take pleasure from the misfortunes of others. I don’t understand performers who waste energy reading and gloating about other shows when their time would be better spent concentrating on making their own hour better/stronger/funnier. The healthy attitude is “you’re not in competition with anyone else. You’re only in competition with yourself”.

5) Listen to your audience. If they laugh, it’s funny. If they don’t laugh, rewrite the joke. You don’t need a trainee journalist to tell you that.

6) Stay away from jokes about Celtic / Rangers / Catholics / Protestants. That subject has been wonderfully covered by Scottish comedians who actually know what they’re talking about. The same goes for deep-fried Mars bars, David Bowie’s comments about Scottish Independence, anything to do with Trainspotting and pandas being more popular than Conservatives. This advice is primarily aimed at edgy Australian comics. 

7) Don’t forget to enjoy the city itself. Edinburgh is an incredibly beautiful, picturesque, historic city. It’s full of great bars and great restaurants. Take a walk down to Leith. Take a bus out to Portobello. Take advantage of the fact that you’re going to spend a whole month in such an amazing place.
Try The Bow Bar (80 West Bow) if you like real ales, or Mathers (top of Broughton Street) if you want to watch football. Try The Jolly Judge (James Court) if you want a relaxing drink, or The Port O’ Leith (Constitution Street) if you want to relive your acid-house days. Try CC Blooms (Greenside Place) if you like cock, or The New Town Bar (Dublin Street) if you like upmarket cock. Or visit any bar in Morningside if you enjoyed Doug McClure in The Land That Time Forgot.

8) Forgot to pack something? Don’t worry. You’ll find everything you need at The Edinburgh Bargain Store on Clerk Street. If you need some sellotape, a new notebook, a badly framed photo of Madonna or a bottle of grape flavoured Snapple - this is the place to go. They sell anything and everything. It really is an Aladdin’s Cave of useful junk.

9) Run out of flyer/posters? Pace Print (19 South Clerk Street) will knock more out for you. Tip: bring a digital image of your leaflet/poster with you to Edinburgh on a memory stick. I wish I’d known that when I first came to the Festival (way back in 1814).

10) Run out of money? Cash Converters (21 South Clerk Street) will give you £20 for your soul.

And finally…. please, please, please… take any flyer that’s handed to you. Standing on a street corner, handing them out all day long is a thankless task. Treat each flyer as if it’s your own. Take it and drop it off wherever you’re going. Be it a bar, a coffee shop or another venue. You never know, someone else may pick up and go to the show.

It’s Karma Baby.

In my next column I’ll be suggesting some shows you should go and see. I’ll also be suggesting some shows you shouldn’t go and see. (Are Neil and Christine Hamilton back in town?) 

Published 29/05/2014


Venue: The Stand Comedy Club, 5 York Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EB

Time: 7.05pm

Dates: 1st August to 24th August (not 11th)



EdFringe Link: 

Stand Comedy Club Box Office: 0131-558-7272

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

GBU Wednesday 23rd April



Jo Caulfield and Richard Melvin plus SPECIAL GUESTS take part in a hilarious (and ridiculous!) comedy game show.
Featuring stars of: Mock The Week, Have I Got News For You, Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow, The Now Show and The News Quiz.



(Grant Stott! Grant Stott!! Yes, him from Forth One Radio and the King's Theatre pantomimes!!!)

DOORS OPEN: 7.30pm
TICKETS: £5.00
BOX OFFICE: 0131 558 7272


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Glasgow Comedy Festival Monday 31st March



Jo Caulfield, Richard Melvin and Julia Sutherland plus SPECIAL GUESTS take part in a hilarious (and ridiculous!) comedy game show.
Featuring stars of: Mock The Week, Have I Got News For You, Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow, Rab C. Nesbitt, Still Game, The Now Show and The News Quiz.


DOORS OPEN: 9.15pm
TICKETS: £7/6.00 concs
BOX OFFICE: 0844 355 8879